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Hi, folks! I have been flooded with things to do lately as I am in my last year of study...but my heartstrings are always tugged whenever I check my blogs, this one in particular. I owe my Lord a testimony, which I would share to you in awhile...
This morning I had a good chat with my christian friend at school- Sarah and we were talking about how the Lord moved and is continually moving in our lives. We both have gone through a lot and some things in our lives are similar...we went through each other's testimonies and we both enjoyed the conversation. I just love it when we talk about Jesus, there is a different kind of excitement bubbling up from inside me and it just flows out. It's hard to keep it in! and I cannot wait when we reach eternity, where there is no time- then we could sit and commune with Jesus Himself and with all our brothers and sisters. That time will soon come...

As for my testimony- the Lord healed me :) I have had Menorrhagia since last year, and all my bloods and hormones went haywire for a long time, I was fatigued and anaemic but one day it just stopped. It stopped and didn't come back- praise the Lord! I have been praying and my friends and family have been praying for me and it didn't come as a surprise really because I know it is a finished work already- Healing paid in full at Calvary.  But I have another testimony which is special to me and for privacy's sake I cannot disclose to everyone BUT God answered the prayer I have been asking from Him for twenty years. That scripture finally came to pass- in His time...and I felt that burden lifted off from me.

See, all these good things can happen to you... God is available to you, His promises are there for us to have, the only thing to do is to believe, to have faith in Him. Oftentimes, we underestimate the power of faith and prayer, because sometimes the answers take time before they come. However, do not loose hope nor get discouraged- the answer will come, only believe.   
I love Jesus, my heart is full of Him... This flesh is not perfect nor error free, but in His eyes I am spotless, I am white as snow :) Amen. God bless you, dear reader.


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I love and admire the teachings of CS Lewis and very much enjoyed watching your videos! :) Bless you!

Thanks Tracy :) such a blessing to know that with God everything is possible!

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