What Have You Done with Jesus?

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I, too think of myself as a broken record...so if I harp on and on about how we all are now living in the end times and about 'waking up' and recognizing the signs around us, that is just me. I can't help myself, it's just coming out of every pore of my body- I feel like the little chick who cried 'the stars are falling'...but I will not tire of sharing things about the Lord. I feel obliged to tell you the truth. Although it is the Lord who opens our spiritual eyes and ears, but  I suppose pointing the people to the right way- which is unto Jesus Christ, well and truly cuts down to the chase, so to speak.

I know how it is, see for I have gone through it for years and years- trying to please men instead of God, I lived my life for others which proved to be disappointing and heartbreaking, putting everything else first before God. I tried to evade Christ, I tried to take control of my own life and for awhile I hated to admit the truth about my walk with God. I concluded that attending church was 'it'. I thought being in fellowship with believers was 'it', but I was blind to so many things.  I sat in church since I was eight years old, I heard preachings from Genesis through to Revelation but not until the Lord actually came to me- walked me through all my fears, stripped me bare of every dependence on man, smashed all my personal idols and caused a great stirring my heart did I ever realize that all I need is Jesus Christ only. 

I never used to understand nor comprehend how someone I cannot see, someone who is only spoken of from a book could fill my needs and that aching void in my heart...there is an emptiness that pierces through to the soul that no one wants to talk about but it is true, it is there and God proved to me & to many others that He is the only one who could fill that space.

When I look around me now, where people go on with their lives- we get together, have a laugh, we live our lives on this earth the best way we know how and yet there is something missing. There is a kind of loneliness in the eyes of people, a lack of security despite every attempt to compensate with the material, scientific and academic world. That emptiness that no one wants to admit...but you and I both know that it's there. I've known that kind of sadness and ache for a long time.
It is alarming to see how Bible prophecies are coming to pass and yet people are just getting further and further away from the light and love of Christ, that they are resting more and more on science, Hollywood, money and in their own abilities...for they know no better or other way, see. 
It's heartbreaking to know what will happen to those who did not respond to God's call for salvation. That is why I just have to tell you the truth that there is hope for those who have given up, there is a way out of a sinful and burden-ladened life and although I will sound like a broken record yet again- it is JESUS, it is Jesus, it is ONLY Jesus Christ. He is the rest in the midst of all chaos, He is the unquenchable fountain, He is your knight-in shining- armor, He is the genuine comforter of the soul, He is your maker and he is your friend...the truest, loveliest friend of all. And everything you need is Him.
I have blogged here for 5 years now and I cannot say any more, I cannot ever  put enough emphasis on the fact that the human soul needs to be borned again in Christ Jesus, that we need to be filled with the Holy Ghost, that we only need to receive Christ. Because, regardless of all of our opinion, theologies or theories about the existence of God etcetera- the truth cannot be changed...the truth remains that we have a Creator and that He came to redeem us at Calvary, sent down His holy ghost, sent His prophets throughout time to speak to us, that the world will end. And when time stopped rolling and we find ourselves standing before God- the question that will be asked is- what have we done with Jesus Christ?


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