Hell and It's Influence

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Every single day that we open our eyes- we are all at once confronted with decisions and those decisions are always between what is right and what is wrong. No matter what other people or theory say and no matter how much some religion dilute this truth- it will always boil down to the tree of the good and evil or the tree of life- who is Jesus Christ. There is no getting around this, for this choice constantly confronts us.
I know that not a lot of people really pay attention to anything Godly or spiritual in this generation anymore...people have become so desensitized or too self-absorbed, intellectual that they think they can do without a God or anything spiritual, but that in itself is denial. We all have souls and that demands spirituality, that is one important facet of being human, that is what separates us from the animal kingdom. And that soul- our soul, is looking for something to worship because it was meant to worship something...we are meant to serve and worship our Creator, our God. But the enemy's mission is to take away that reality from our sight, to keep God and His truth out of sight from all man if it were possible. Hence, the world and all the distractions upon it was fashioned to distract us from seeking God, distracts us from keeping still so God could speak to our hearts. Science, fashion, music, arts, technology, culture, religion and churches are now all infiltrated with demonic powers in order to take us away from God. Their mission is to steal, to kill and to destroy-You may say I'm exaggerating but I'm not. I just could see, by God's grace.
BUT those whose lives are hidden under the blood of the Lamb, those who have the Holy Ghost in them and those who put their trust in the Lord is under the blood covenant and are heirs to the victory of Jesus Christ. The Bible says so, it is full of His promises and God fulfills those promises - every dot of it because that is His word and a King cannot break His Word. God is THE King of Kings and Lord of Lords see.

Today the whole world is celebrating Halloween- people and sadly, young children, are all propped up, dressed as demons. That is right friend, we dress our kids as demons, shame on us....sigh...sometimes we just don't have insight on things we do, for the sake of tradition we just go with the flow without thinking twice. Tradition and businesses of course encourage this yearly satanic celebration - making cute costumes etc...people think it's adorable to dress up like goblins, ghosts, witches, or otherwordly creatures- creatures from the bowels of hell itself. There is a spirit behind everything we do, I hope we realize this...and Halloween is demonic, it is not Godly at all and even so-called christians fall for this. 

The Bible wasn't kidding when God said that we are battling with principalities and powers because we are! we just don't see them but we can see the influence they have  in the world....and in our thoughts and lives. We need God. We need to pray more, we need to sit still and really listen to what God is trying to tell us. We need the power of our God to battle all these influences!
 I just cannot emphasize this enough friend...We need Jesus Christ and we need to recognize Him in this day and age. Pray and ask God for help...from the heart just do and our gentle Saviour will come. He is just a prayer away...always waiting for us to call on Him. That is the thing with free will- we choose who to serve, we make a decision and again it only boils down to two- between God and us. Our will or His will, our way or His way, to fulfill our desires or His desire. It is your choice to make... but I would have to encourage you and point you to JESUS CHRIST. He is our salvation, our hope and our refuge- all God wants is to bless us and build His character in us, to become like Him- kind, good, faithful, loving, patient etc....He is all things good. Amen. Please consider His call, that gentle tug in your heart- don't ignore it. The messages I have posted here as links are life, they talk about Jesus. Take some time and see for yourself if it is true or not. There is little time left.


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