Thank You

Posted on Saturday, November 13, 2010 | By Kaye | In

'Thank You'

for carrying my burdens
for hearing all my sighs,
for being able to rest in your bosom,
when things don't go alright...
for giving me wisdom
to tackle life's cares,
and for always being
 the person i run to, 
when  trials become hard to bear.
for the wisdom and insight,
for the words that i speak,
for the comfort of knowing
your will that i seek;
for the constant victory,
and overcoming power
for being your daughter
in this final hour...
Thank you Lord Jesus
for all these things
for being my strength and refuge
my Father and King...
my heart is truly grateful
that you are who you are-
forgiving and gracious,
the brightest of all stars...
yet humble and meek
lowly and kind,
you are magnificent Lord
in my life truly shine.


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