For My Fellow Believers :)

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Dear Reader,

For first timers I wanna say-Thank you for taking the time to visit and for those who come here often- Thank you very much for frequenting this blog and I hope somehow I have helped introduce the lovely Lord Jesus Christ to your heart. 
Time and season have come and gone, we look in the mirror every year and there it is- proof that we are aging and time is trickling like sand in an hourglass. I just want to encourage myself and all of you out there to fight a good fight for Christ this coming 2011, to just endure all the trials that is given in confidence by our God- knowing that He overcame everything for us and that we are on the winning side. 
Let us cast down all our reasonings, our own will and pleasure but may our only desire be unto God. May we take up the honour of serving the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords because He is the very reason for living...He truly is and to me and many others this is truth. Life outside His will amounts to nothing and I hope and pray that you will begin to experience the same journey that I have with the Lord this coming year, for us to have a closer walk, and for us to take the opportunity to make a stand for Jesus and to tell others about His goodness and His mercy. May our lives testify of Him, may our words testify of Him always.
God bless and keep us all this coming 2011!


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