Have a Christ filled 2011 !

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I have just finished tidying the house, our friends Christine and Ben came for dinner and we just had such a blessed time, enjoying one another's company and talking about the Lovely Lord Jesus and sharing our testimonies. I'm so happy, I really enjoy being with fellow believers, it is so exciting to talk about the things that the Lord is doing presently in our lives- in us, through us, for us- amazing. It truly is.
I am just bubbling over with happiness and I can't help it. I can imagine when we are over the other side, in eternal land...my, my, it would be glorious. But most specially because we are finally going to be with Jesus, to be able to embrace Him and say 'thank you Lord for everything'- in person. Wow...

2011 soon and sometimes I feel like I just blinked time away! ha,ha,ha. It went so fast this year and well, as the scripture says God will hasten up time in the end days and everything in nature and the events of the world confirms this. But I am glad because the changing of our bodies will happen soon after we have fulfilled the things God has wanted us to do in this life and then it will be over, we'll soon be with Him for eternity. Marvellous, exciting times.
And how are you my dear friend? how was your year? I hope it didn't turn out too bad and even if it did I am sure God's loving hand was there- I know how sometimes we feel so alone and even forsaken but if we called on to the Lord during those times, He was there beside you without a speck of a doubt, it's just that our sins separate us from God, see, unconfessed and unrepented sins come between God and you so it is always a good thing to just check ourselves every now and again and repent of our erring ways and weed out the bad habits we have formed- take the chance to correct them, to make them right. It is so good to just walk close by our Saviour's side in this life journey, the joy of being with the One who fills our heart is beyond words, friend. I know how in life we get our up's and down's and for a lot of people the 'downs' seem to happen more frequently than the other but let me share the lesson I have learned from life- that it is far better to suffer all these things if you are a christian because God is with you, imagine the Creator of heavens and earth is your ally...He will guide you in everything and He just makes the burden lighter- tis true! I've experienced that so many times and it's just amazing how God can pick me up from the darkest and direst situations with just a prayer. His very presence scatters all darkness and misery away, amen.

 Peace, rest, happiness, contentment, freedom, strength, grace, mercy, friendship, grace, love above all- these are not catchphrases for being a christian- these are all genuine experiences for those who follow & will follow Jesus Christ. 
They are not made-up philosophy or false promises they are real and I've never been happier than when I started to follow Jesus. That is why I feel so much for those who have not met Jesus, I just want them to experience what I have experienced because there is nothing like it and nothing compares to it.
As I have said earlier another year is beginning, let us give Jesus Christ a chance, let us reflect on our lives and do some heart searching. If you really want to follow Jesus then just pray and repent, find a church which believes everything in the the Bible and I mean all of it and not just bits and pieces from it, is non-denominational because God has never been in organized religion. I highly recommend the churches in my sidebar in the section of 'Christian Sites' they also have neat online services (and archive of services) where you could listen in on. Just pray and God will lead you to where He wants you to go.
Amen, have a blessed and Christ filled 2011 to one and all! God bless you friend.


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Happy New year Katey.. God is feeling your heart to overflowing i can tell and may it continue like rivers of water..

Blessings to you and your family

Tammy :)

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