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"For He knoweth our frame, He remembereth that we are dust." ~Psalms 103:14

It's late at night but I can't sleep, it's been a busy two weeks with my new career, there's just so many things to remember, I feel a little bit overwhelmed and anxious...and so here I am  trying to shut down that compartment of my mind and just spend some time to myself, alone with my thoughts about the Lord, alone finally with Him. 
The family's all asleep by now and the house has regained it's quiet calm, hmmm...I often find this time of the night comforting. I'm tempted to drink coffee but- it's not a great idea for obvious reasons, hahaha...

I have to admit though - there are so many stressors in my life right now, I can somewhat feel that my cup is soon going to be full and I can feel the knots tie in my stomach...but as I was sitting at church during our midweek fellowship, I kind of thought about how we do not really, fully comprehend God's power- we oftentimes underestimate his Word and promises. We often say and hear over the pulpit that God has won the battle for us, that the devil is a loser, that we are overcomers. 
The scripture was very clear about how God thinks about us- that we are His Bride, we are the sons and daughters of God, that we are a chosen generation and a royal priesthood, wow... that we have been predestinated before all life began and that we are part of the Lord since the beginning. Isn't that amazing?

...but despite everything being black and white really, we still sometimes just profess it, we do not always walk in these truths...we believe, we do but we lack the courage to step into it.
I know for myself that I am the same, I catch myself saying things and at the same time realizing that it needs a deeper application in my life. I catch myself doing, thinking and saying stuff that are not  pleasing to Him and when I do, it just pinches my heart- i get really disheartened and disappointed at myself.
There are times when I start to look at myself, me and my many, many faults and flaws, then I start to wonder and doubt BUT the Lord reminded me that I need not look at me- but always to Him because He knows we are fallible, that we are weaklings and trapped in this sinful flesh. 

God knows because He is our Creator, and He made a way out for us because only through Him can we overcome- and this statement I know may sound simplistic but if that has been revealed to us- it would change our perspectives and correct our actions straightaway.
 He paid the price with His own blood. Not by our own might or righteousness because Jesus Christ is the only acceptable's good to get reminded of these things and it is good to have the assurance that despite what life throw our way- if we have genuinely made Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour- then everything will be alright. 
That simple, you ask? and the answer is yes. It is that simple.
Life circumstances will no longer matter for He becomes our everything, He becomes our ally, He is our protector, He took us under his wings. He is our God and he is a loving God. If we keep close to Him, He will draw us even closer and closer...amen. And when we stumble and fall God is always there to reach out to us, to draw us back to the middle of the road- unfailingly. How wonderful. I love it. 


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While we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. By HIS grace we do all things. The prize has been paid for us.

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