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Good day friend! It's exactly 7:19 as I am writing this &  it's another day for all of us- on this side of the globe it's just starting, on the other side it's nearly finished. It's orientation week for me for a couple of weeks and I'm on my second day, I feel like a student again- so many things to learn! but anyway I'll get there.
I thought I'd blog before I go to work, just having some thoughts sitting in my head for awhile now- about how intense the battle is becoming in these end days. Christians who would say or think it isn't so is probably in a state of denial- now, here's me putting my heart out on my sleeve...but that is the truth. One has to really be self-aware at all times but am I glad that that still small voice just keeps reminding us to stay in line & fight off the darts of the enemy whenever our eyes gets lured to look at something else other than Jesus. At the end of the day- it truly is God's grace that we overcome because we do struggle and with great difficulty and stress if I may say so whenever we try to win a spiritual battle using our carnal strength. We are in dire need of God in our lives and that goes for all of us-whether we are believers or not, see.
I could never think of myself as better than anyone else because it is only by God's love & grace that I am what I am. I'm also pretty sure that the enemy would get the better of me if God wasn't protecting His seed, so I just feel so grateful that He chose to reveal Himself to me.
The greatest desire in my heart is for me to be able to show that gratefulness unto the Lord through my life & just everything about me by God's grace and not allow my mistakes to stop me in my tracks to wallow in self-pity or discouragement. The mockery and criticism doesn't matter to me too, Christ is far too precious than men's opinion. I do not value men's opinion very much, it's what the Lord thinks of me that matters. I also do not want to be a professing christian but I want to be a billboard to the world saying- that God is real, that there is hope, there is mercy available to them and that God has the power to transform their lives if they only believe. IF we only take God at His word- all the promises in the Holy Script will be fulfilled, if we only have child-like faith and that is not impossible.
I have always almost nagged you about not ignoring that stirring in your heart- that 'pinch' that you feel whenever Jesus is talked about...that uneasiness and sense of urgency that you felt, even fleetingly at it's best- is from the Lord, my dear friend. You have to confront that Presence one day and make a decision because He won't go away. Jesus Christ is just there waiting with open arms and it does not matter to Him if you are not at your best, if you are a sinner, if you've done this, that or the other...what matters to the Lord is you. The truth is- God loves you and He wants to bless you and change that hardened heart to a heart which is willing to love Him back.
Friend, I won't lie to you because I know I am accountable for every word that I say- all these things are real. The world is made to believe that Jesus Christ is just one of the many gods in the different religions that we have, that there are other spiritual options other than the genuine Christianity but there isn't. The only God who can give true love and hope, mercy, peace and rest for the soul is Jesus. That is, if you only believe.


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