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We had our communion and foot washing today and it is really a blessing to me, to be able to still have the liberty to do this- a commandment of the Lord for us to do to remember Him. And how I remember Him too- while eating the unleavened bread and sipping the wine, just brought tears to my eyes- how God could love us  so much. It's really humbling....and how Christ Himself, the God of all heavens and creation was just the epitome of humility that He knelt down at the feet of each of his disciple and washed their feet.
I thought about man and how we often are full of pride and arrogance, full of the 'better than thou' attitude...and yet we are mere dust, we are nothing. The things that man often boast of are temporal- wealth, status, beauty, fame etc...are all temporary. It will all turn into ashes but Christ the darling of heaven who offered Himself and has opened a blood stained path to eternity, do we often neglect and belittle.
The very same spirit who mocked and humiliated Jesus at Calvary is still very much around today...it is in those who mock the genuine Christianity and the believers. It's sad, isn't it? we are so vulnerable.
Man has become the devil's puppet in these last days, just look around- women are barely wearing any clothes, homosexuality has abound and is out in the open, fornication and adultery, witchcraft and occults abound, depression, suicide etcetera....if we look back in history, we are indeed getting worse from fashion to morality, it's just dwindling down the drain.
The world's take on 'individuality' meant that we can do anything we want and get away with it, we can express ourselves through any medium without fear of being socially rejected- men wear the cape of science, art, music, fashion, democracy and rights to express the spirit within that has enslaved them- harsh yet true, my friend, harsh yet true. Whether you believe it or not- spirits are out there and they influence us, the question is what kind of spirit influences you?
 We have become so weak and proud, we resist every form of Godliness and we easily give in to the flesh and it's lusts. We think we are in control of our lives and that is often what man wants- to take control of our own lives but often to our own destruction because the truth is- we cannot. The life-giver, who is Jesus Christ is the only one who can really, truly control our lives for our good. Without God the flesh will lean to evil always and that is truth- as the scripture says we are shaped and born in iniquity...(Psalm 51:5). The world indeed is in a very sorry state and that is because we are in the last days...all these has been prophesied to come to pass too, as you christians would know. Actually for us, it is time to rejoice because that only means the rapture will come to a close soon and we're going to be with Jesus.
BUT for those who do not really know God- don't be dismayed, there is still hope! the blood is still speaking for us, our high priest Jesus Christ is still interceding for us however, we must act NOW because time is running out. We have to buy from Him the oil, the Holy Spirit before it is taken away. Remember, there is a time for everything and the Bible says 'today is the day of salvation' (2Cor.6:2), so I pray you won't delay it anymore. You will be making a life-changing decision- but it is worth it, Jesus Christ is so worth it and you will understand what I mean after you have truly received Christ as your Lord and Saviour.


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