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I get homesick for my true home...I know fellow believers feel that every now and again. I never truly feel that I am part of this world and especially now that I have become a christian do I know for sure that I am not. 
My life has become really hectic since study and work but I am grateful that I carry the Lord Jesus in me...I need Him to be part of me, I need to get reminded that I am just passing through. 
I need to hear that still, small voice and I need that nudging in my heart to feed on the Word. I am grateful for that because without Christ I would not be able to live above the carnal life...I would be a lost soul, wandering, hungering and thirsting and yet never filled, never satisfied, never found. And yet so many people out there in the world have the exact same predicament- lost souls.
I want to put a challenge out there for christians and for myself too- We are brimming over with the fount of life from within us, we have seen and tasted of the heavenly fruit, we have our own experiences of healing, answered prayers, salvation and Christ's goodness in our lives- It is time, the time has come to stand up and be identified as believers and followers of Jesus Christ. It is time to share to others what God has done to our lives...It is time to sound the trumpet and to prophecy again! let us pray in the beginning of each day and ask the Lord to open up opportunities for us to tell others about Him. 
It does not have to be a lengthy discussion, it does not necessarily have to be a formal fellowship...God will lead you, He will lead us to what we say or what we do and how we conduct ourselves as christians.
Following Jesus is the highest calling for man, it truly is and so let us, as believers- shine that light through our lives and through our words. I believe that there has to be a balance- some say our lives is enough, others say we have to preach out is both. It is a combination of Christ's manifestation in our lives and being able to share to others about Jesus and the salvation He offers.
A lot of people out there needs only for their hearts to be stirred, they have the vaguest idea of this Lord named Christ- they have plenty of questions, questions we all used to ask ourselves before we met the Lord. We have to stand in the gap for these people, that is what we are here for- these people? our work colleagues, our clients, our neighbours, our friends, family and relatives, a stranger...let us pray as we wake up each morn, that the Lord will use us  for His service. Amen. God bless you.


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As believers we cannot have total individuality because we derive our identity from whose we are and that is Jesus Christ's.
we are to serve in humility as Christ humbled Himself and took on flesh.

God bless

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