Has God Become A Social Taboo?

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 It's late at night but I still can't sleep, my mind is still buzzing... I have always been a nocturnal creature :) ever since I was a child, lol. Well I am just pondering on some stuff at the moment- about my general observations on how the present civilization behave towards God.
Just from my day to day experience, talking to people from all walks of life and from observing modern culture, it really isn't difficult to get a sort of consensus on how we respond to spiritual things or to Christ for that matter. Isn't it strange how people just shy away or feel embarassed or akward whenever a topic about God is discussed? if for example, we chat about animal rights, politics or any other topic really we are just all ears and easily whip up a conversation even with complete strangers but drop in a line or two about salvation, about the cross and Jesus Christ- they will either be polite and let you carry on for awhile then excuse themselves, outrightly inform you that they aren't into any of that or open their heart and listen. No surprises that only a handful will be genuinely interested. So why is that? I wondered.

It is the devil's agenda of course to erase and destroy God and anything remotely 'Godly' from our existence, from our memories and from life. He wants to keep us from knowing our Creator, from knowing the purpose of our existence, from who we are.
And that has never been so pronounced in any other generation than today...For it is subtler in this day, the strategy is most refined that it is hidden under the anointing of the white horse rider and only those with the Holy Ghost could see. If we look closely and examine current events there is a blatant attempt today to completely water down christianity and classify Jesus Christ as just one of the many gods or spiritual leaders of the world, to destroy the testimony of the risen Christ. They have expanded the definition of 'spirituality' to accomodate paganism and witchcraft.
Dare I say this again but I urge all of us to examine ourselves... We are living in the end of time. There is no room for second thoughts and make no room for doubts. Make no room for complacency fellow christians, the battle is raging at it's peak. Arm yourselves in Christ and stay hidden under the blood of the Lamb- We are at war.

Discussions about God and Christian practices has become a social taboo...Praying has been banned in schools all over the world even in christian nations, hospitals no longer keep the Bible by the bedside, when you bow your head in prayer before a meal people think it's strange or ridiculous, when you talk about God in workplaces it is viewed by many as inappropriate but isn't it funny how jokes with sexual undertones are well tolerated? Christianity today has become so watered down but let me tell you that despite make believers and personal opinions- there is true Christianity. There is a genuine Bride of Christ, a genuine church with Holy Ghost filled believers who manifests God in their lives.
There seems to be a hush-hush attitude in the world towards anything Godly and it is a very sad thing, people do not realize the value of Christ. Very much like when He was here on earth years ago, the Life Giver was in their midst and nobody recognized Him. I really can see what Bro. Branham was talking about when he said that Christ is crucified the second time in our age because it is true and we do this by rejecting Him, by barely acknowledging His existence. Jesus Christ indeed in this Laodicean Age- is being kept out of men's hearts by the devices of the enemy and He is knocking to get in (read Rev.3:20).
In the days of Noah, the Ark was the way of escape, it was supposed to be their salvation from death and judgement- and faithful Noah preached every single day that he can before the flood came but we all know the story. Nobody listened to him, nobody went in the ark except for his family and they all died, they realized too late, they did not heed the warning. And as the scripture says

 "As it was in the days of Noe [Noah], so shall it be also in the days of the [coming of the] Son of man." (Luke 17:26)

That is the prophecy for this age- evil imaginings, sexual perversion and immorality is rampant, hearts have waxed cold, itching ears that cannot stand rebuke and chastisement, rebellious and proud spirits and a lot more...but to you who loves the Lord and those who desire to fellowship with Christ- do not get disheartened, God will protect His seed. He is greater than all the evil multiplied together. He will never forsake His own, for we are His. We are the feminine spirit taken from His side exactly as Eve was to Adam, amen, those who have an ear let Him hear. So, there is no possible way for the Bride to get deceived at all. What an assurance! we really have to rejoice as our lives are hidden in Him and the blood shed at Calvary has fully cleansed us.
The battle is raging- the enemy will try their hardest to lull us into a spiritual sleep but deception and death is NOT our inheritance. The overcoming power IS our inheritance, to resist the evil in this age IS our inheritance and it's not just positive talk, it's not psycho babble it is truth.


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