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There has been a stirring in my heart of late, a call for unshackling, a call to go up to higher grounds. I feel that I have to decrease for God to increase and be seen in me. This desire in my heart for God to use me more is just becoming unbearable but I know what to do. I have to die out from the desires of the flesh, I need to tread lightly and let go of things that distract me from my walk with God so He could use me in the field even more. I have to become invisible for God to be visible. You might scratch your head and wonder what I'm talking about but at this stage this is where I am at and this is what the Lord requires of me and I have to rise to the call.
I have in my life the most precious treasure man could ever have- that is Jesus Christ Himself and it would be an honor to fulfill His word. Sometimes when I think about the Lord, I cannot fathom the privelege I have been given that the God of all creation made Himself known to me as a friend. He came to me as a faithful friend and I am truly grateful. His love just consumes me and all I could do is love Him back too. Right now, all I wanna do is to be of use to Him, to be His vessel, His hands and feet, His witness. I want to be fruitful, a doer and not just a hearer.

That is the problem with a lot of so-called christians, we deceive ourselves when we identify as christians and yet in reality we do not obey Him, we do not follow His word. We might check all the tickboxes outwardly but we are empty inside,see. We have to be certain that we are not just professing christians- we must be certain that we have the Holy Ghost, that we have the oil. If you feel a sense of urgency in me- you are right friend....I feel things will take place soon, i feel that the catching away of the Bride of Christ is at the door. I wanna be ready and I will prepare for the wedding supper.
Now is the time to get ready, not later, not tomorrow but now. Rise to the call fellow warrior- unload all the things that keep you from serving God, from spending time with God. Let us walk light with Christ Jesus.


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