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 I have learned a lot of things from being a parent at this stage in my life. My children are now young adults and every single day I almost always learn and reflect on something about parenting. It is sometimes a surprise when I can relate it to myself and the Lord. I would not deny the fact that I am just like any parent and my children though try as I might to raise them without imperfection- that in reality is to no avail. Children develop their own personalities, convictions and characteristics. I have experienced a lot of heartaches and worries with my children in their teenage years and I would say this very minute that is one of the things that's burdening my heart...and the hurt that I feel from my children I realized- really hurts. It kind of digs deep and it's just a dull ache really sitting in my heart and the only reprieve I would get is when I have them in my arms again. When they finally realize the love of a parent towards a child, when they can finally  say- 'i see it now'...when they finally understand why you say the things you say and do the things you do. But like all things- 'understanding' takes time, realizations take time simply because they have to have the space to mature and grow. And at this time- I feel in my heart to just let them go, I felt that that is what the Lord wanted me to do. But my prayers for them will never cease...prayers especially for their salvation. I believe God honours a mother's prayer for their children.
It's funny because when I am in tears and just feeling so sad because I am or say we are so misunderstood sometimes,  I think about God because in many, many ways He is to us a parent. He made us, He envisioned us and He gave His life for us and yet we rebel against Him, we treat Him with disrespect and despite His longing to draw closer to us- we keep running away from the Lord. He has been really patient though with us His children, as the Bible says God 'strives with man'- though for a time and season only.
So really, everything I am going through now- I reflect on it and I ask Him- is this how I make you feel Lord? is this how we treat you despite your goodness? am I running away from you? and I admit sometimes I do. I don't intentionally do them but I catch myself every now and again slipping away into the world and farther from God's safe arms, see. It can be easily done...the enemy is so cunning he can just fill your day with so many things and at the moment that's how I found myself. Work, studies, hobbies etcetera...all seem well and good but they slowly drag me away from God. Which is why I need more of Him, I really need to kneel down and pray away....I need, we need to spend every spare time with God especially in this day and age where deception displays as 'good' when underneath is death, there is no life but separation from Christ.
 I truly, honestly believe as well that I am not the only one going through this- I believe there are many christians out there being attacked in this subtle way. Just a gentle lull but our God is greater than all these and His seed will never be deceived, amen. He will protect His seed til the end.


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