We Need Thee Every Hour

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Good evening friends!
I know I haven't written down anything in ages...partly because I am busy and not keeping still enough to listen to the Lord and I repent of that. I got so distracted and pulled into many directions lately but tonight after attending bible study- the Lord was able to break through to me at last. I really am thankful...I'm always in a better space when I can feel God with me and I feel totally lost and vulnerable when I leave His side. It just made me realize all the more how helpless we truly are without Christ.
This age is just getting darker and darker, everything in the world is...and it's becoming more pronounced and more revealing. Just browsing videos/movies- most themes or plots are vampires, witchcraft and demons, beasts and deformed creatures which within the story are portrayed as heroes. Demonic characters!

Some would say I am paranoid but the truth is- there are demon powers anointing these films- it is a manifestation of what's in the world today. I've never seen skulls and crossbones used so vividly in so-called 'art' or clothing and tattoos in any other generation except now, at present. You can only see them in bottles marked as poisons before- but isn't that ironic as well? skulls in baby clothes? the very intent of the devil is to separate us from our Maker through spiritual death- which is in fact worse than physical death.
Evil is slowly disrobing itself in society and has successfully impregnated itself in the minds of men, very subtly. There are no more boundaries to what is right or wrong, everybody is doing their own thing, so to speak and we are encouraged to have an 'open mind'. But that is not altogether right- we have to know what is right or wrong and we cannot tolerate these things in our lives.
Now I can clearly see why the Scripture said in Mark 13:20 that God will shorten the days in the end times otherwise no soul would get saved- is because these days have gotten so evil. Man cannot withstand such evil only God can. And only those who have the Holy Ghost- Jesus Himself, the blood on the lintel- would be saved. His seed. No wonder John cried so much in Revelations when he thought no one is worthy to open the book, because mankind would be lost. There would be no point to life, to living if there is no redemption from evil.

We have to remember this my friends....we have to always remember that without Jesus we are nothing. We are totally dependent on Him, every breath, every strength, from day to day, from hour to hour...we need Jesus Christ. And like Adam and Eve way back in the fall- we tend to run away. We hide from God, we hear His call but we hide from Him...that's the carnal nature- it will always reject Christ because the flesh is serpent seed, see..It's not from God and will never go back to God, hence the mortal body dies and we are left with a soul which is the true us. And this soul after death goes somewhere....and this destination is chosen here on earth, while we are still living and breathing. We can respond to God's call for repentance, humility, surrender and obedience or ignore Him and just live the way we want and do the things we do.
Nobody can tell you what to do is one thing but don't allow stubbornness and pride drag your soul to hell.
Friend, let us choose Jesus Christ and lay down our pride. Let us lay down everything- our own thoughts, opinions, principles and surrender them at His feet and let HIS mind come in you. So we could think the way He thinks, see the way He sees, act the way He acts and love our neighbours the way He loved us.
Let us desire Him. God bless.


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