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I just started reading a book series by Owen Jorgensen about William Branham's life called Supernatural. I think I've read it many moons ago and have forgotten how rich a book it was. I found myself stopping often and thinking and praying while reading this...I appreciate how it's been written- just really a re-telling of a story, unbiased and so it truly remains effective that way. For those who don't know William Branham he is considered a great evangelist of his time, a ministry where the Lord used him to heal the sick by thousands- in a time where healing has been scoffed at. He has become controversial because of his unconventional teachings and doctrines- all of which are based strictly on the Bible yet which did not serve any denomination or religion, and so naturally is accused of being false. He is also considered as a prophet for this generation. 
My family, specifically my mother and my siblings were Catholic up until I was 8 years old. We joined a christian Pentecostal church and there started our journey to knowing Christ. I was quite young to really comprehend what it was all about but I knew I was touched by the Lord and that I love Him. I remember enjoying the singing and worship every Sunday but I still have not surrendered my all to Christ. Then we were introduced to the taped sermons preached by Bro.Branham, these were all new to me but when I heard him preach, the anointing was really strong and I felt that, it had to be God.
When the day came and I fully gave my heart to Christ I told him- 'Lord, let us please start over and i want you to show me these things, these truths yourself.  i don't want man's interpretation.' And that is what happened, every time I read my Bible and every time I listen to taped sermons of the prophet the Lord revealed his word to me.
All my small doubts melted away, I am now certain in my heart that William Branham indeed was used by the Lord to break the Word to us and that his ministry on earth is as a prophet. I do not worship the man, but I respect him as a prophet just the same respect i would give if Moses or Elijah was alive. I respect God's decision to choose him in a ministry that would unshackle the church from it's denominational bonds and start an individual relationship with Christ. I could not and would not deny the Lord's ministry through him. The message is the revealing of Jesus Christ Himself.
And I am glad that I can see truths now clearer than ever before through Bro.Branham's ministry, the world of course will try to discredit any moving of the Holy Spirit but before we judge and criticize I think we have to give it a chance and read his books and listen to his sermons. There's nothing to loose but much to gain.

My walk with the Lord has become more solid than ever after getting to know his plans for me and I realized He is not just in the Bible but He is in everything. My eyes were opened at last to see that He is in nature and the processes in nature, He is in the seasons, He is the great architect of the human anatomy, He is in the skies, in a stranger, in a friend's kindness, He walks behind me and before me, that there are battles being fought for me in the spiritual realm...He is the all in all indeed.
 I wondered how I missed Him all this time? but now I feel so honoured and priveleged that I can commune with my Great Creator, that He is accessible to me, that when I pray I know for sure that He listens to every word I say. That He knows of my heart's desires and it's heartaches, that everything in my life is ordained and if there are troubles He will be there for me. I realized that this peace that I have in my heart is His presence...and there is none greater.
I wish everyone can have what I have...i truly do. I pray that lost souls will come to repentance, that they will see what we see and hear what we hear. The world will end soon whether we scoff with disbelief or not, it will. That is written in the scriptures and all the prophesies of the Bible are coming to pass in front of our eyes...I pray dear reader that you will consider Jesus Christ in your life. Make him your Saviour and Lord, pray a simple but sincere prayer of repentance and read the bible and get to know Him. You will never be sorry...He is there for anyone who wants Him.


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