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    Last night I had a good quiet time, just me and the Lord. Praying, meditating and reflecting on things. I am embarrassed to say that I have not done that in awhile, I allowed life's busyness and routine to take over and it felt good to be alone with my God again, basking in His sweet presence. The only place where I feel I truly belonged is in Christ, when I am praying and worshipping Him, when I am able to breathe out all my cares and unload all my troubles and uncertainties and be comforted- not a worked-up, make believe comfort but the real thing, genuine peace...He truly is our resting place. I am glad I can access that, I know not many people do but it is available for us all if we accept and believe what Jesus offers.
I am reminded again that there is a raging spiritual warfare between God and the devil at this time and a very subtle approach from the enemy, the signs are everywhere but it goes over our heads...and it's never been so pronounced and open as it is in this generation.
   One only needs to go out- skulls, demons, witches, vampires- evil and demonic entities appears to be the theme of this day, Hollywood turning these characters into heroes, pizza parlors named after hell and people think it's okay. If someone cries out against the evil of this age, everyone will turn around and think you are the nutter...hmm. As the bible says we are living in the age of Laodecia- where we are materially abundant, our children go out into the street almost naked as dictated by fashion,  rife with rebellion and deprived of values.  There is a strong drive to neutralize? or i must say totally eliminate God from our psyche...there is no more fear of doing wrong- homosexual marriages, push for legalizing marijuana, a high tolerance for occultism, worshipping science, believing in everything else: crystals, seers, astrology, etcetera...The theme for this day and age is- 'To each his own'. We have become a godless generation.
Because thou sayest, I am rich, and increased with goods, and have need of nothing; and knowest not that thou art wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked: Rev.3:17
 However, this was meant to come to pass and that is what the scripture and the prophesies say and things, including the financial climate of the world, despite what analysts say- will not become better. That was all written in the book of revelation...the financial crunch of all times is yet to come and there will be no solution, but someone will come along to offer a solution and that is the Anti-Christ. The world and it's governments will gladly accept it, the Great Tribulation befalls and the foolish virgins who got left from the rapture because they do not have the Holy Ghost (oil) will have to shed their blood because they will make a stand. Then...the nations of the earth will turn against Israel and the battle of Armageddon begins. I have not even mentioned that before or at the same time or right after the sinking of California- the physical taking away of the Bride will take place.
You can exhale now, i know it's pretty intense but it is real. The prophecies from Revelation that is yet to happen, but will soon enough happen beyond any shadow of a doubt. But the great question is- are we prepared? have we given our hearts to God? have we surrendered our life to Him? have we laid down our guns and admitted to ourselves that there is indeed a God to whom we have to give account for our life?
  The most common mistake we make is to think that we belong to ourselves. That we should be at the helm of the ship and that we are 'it', we are our own boss, that we dictate our fate. That is why we are having trouble surrendering and letting go but my friend, there is a greater being who overrules all our rules, who shapes, molds and influences our lives...who pre-destinated the order of things even before we were conceived in our mother's wombs. Are we too proud to admit and submit to that truth?
That greater being is not an alien, is not made up of many different gods, is not a man like us, is not the sun who used to be worshipped- it is the great I AM, the Creator Himself- who came down from His throne and clothed Himself with flesh (John 1:1). He fulfilled the Word, endured the suffering, hatred, the physical pain and the heartache of rejection and was nailed to the cross to die... for you.
   Now, I am fully aware that most of us have heard this before, hence, easily dismissed as a christian concept (as cynics would claim) but the truth that Jesus Christ is real is never dependent on the world's opinion or popular belief, it remains truth nevertheless. He is beyond concept or religion.
The world concocted their own equivalent, dare i say substitute for God which is Science. In the world of science everything has to be proven, it is non existent otherwise and that concept has spilled in into the very core of modern civilization that it has become their catch phrase, their worldview- the dominant, mainstream worldview. Would you want to raise your children as a godless person? Heaven forbid.
But glory be to God that He is who he says he is, that He protects His seed, that He raises a standard against the evil that besets us, that God Himself is our place of refuge. He is our refreshing and our strength. We may be poor and we may not have everything but He is our portion in this life. He is the fount of life, our peace and our righteousness. He is our knight in shining armour, our hero. He can be all these things to you if you let down your guard and open your heart sincerely. It's okay, He listens, Jesus Christ is a true friend and he never really far away. He is only a prayer away.
To those who desire to have a closer walk with our Saviour then please come to Him today as you read this and spare no idle minute. The world and the civilizations of the earth is near it's time, whether you believe it or not. It is truth and not a scare tactic as some would say...Let us seek God because only He has the answer, only He has the key. Friend, it is never too late- now is the time. Amen.
It's 2012 and we are given another chance to accept Jesus Christ's offer of salvation, let us redeem the time.


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