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Here we are friend, here we are living in the fringes of time. The Lord has come and is veiled in the Bride, in His true followers... Here we are, proclaiming Jesus Christ to the world, witnessing with our voices and our lives. We are here. Those who gave up on christianity because of people who claim to be christians but who does not manifest Him do not be discouraged. We are here, we may be a minority but we are here.
 Be mindful of your christian brother or sister, be mindful that Christ is in them, that He chose them, us. To those who have not met Christ yet, be mindful of that christian who you mock, be mindful of the Christ that you make fun of, be mindful of the signs of the times that just passes your eyes...
because when the last grain of the sands of time has trickled in- that is it my friend. There is no stopping what has been prophesied, they will come to pass and it is not dependent on whether we believe it or not. Even if the whole world disbelieve it, God's truth will always stand regardless of anything.
I can feel it in the air, i believe those who are true believers the world over feel it in their gut as well...the taking away of the Bride is going to happen soon. The destruction of the world is upon us.
Now, I am fully aware that when I say things like this especially in these times- I know not everyone will believe it and a lot will mock, like in the days of Noah but I'd rather shout this out from the rooftops and I'd rather throw it out there- a predestined one might catcht it and get a hold of it, amen.
That is the goal is to look for the last look for the last lost sheep and if that is you, then come. Come into the ark of Christ brother or sister. Come before it's too late- do not hesitate any longer. Pray and ask the Lord to reveal Himself to you, read the Bible get to know His words, His plans, get to know what He thinks of you- that you are the apple of His eye, that He has great things in store for you. That He will wipe all tears from your eyes, all suffering and bitterness. Come my friend.


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