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Adapted From These Sermons by William Branham:
The Masterpiece (7-5-64); Recognizing Your Day And It's Message (7-26-64); and The Rapture (12-4-65)courtesy of Bible

I remember that night (July 3rd. 1964), I was over here setting in the shopping center, right out from us here. I been in Pig Alley in France, and I've been in New York City, Los Angeles; but the filthiest bunch of women I ever seen in my life is Jeffersonville, Indiana. I never seen so much gaum and filth in my life as I see amongst them people. I set there till my heart ached, and the Lord had gave me a vision. I seen the preview of the Bride.

I stood there and seen a beautiful little lady just correctly dressed and things, marching this way. There was somebody standing by me in the vision. I didn't see the person. It was just a voice and they said, "The Preview of the Bride." I seen her go by. But each one of them, looked like, was dressed different. They all had long hair, and they wore longer sleeves and skirts and so forth, young women. They looked kind of, I'd say about, maybe, twenty. Oh, She was beautiful! I looked at her. They come on this side and went around. And as She passed by, he said, "That's the Bride. Now, we will review the churches.
Now, I have the Bible open here before me. See? I can only say what I seen. I'm looking at the Bible. I'm telling the truth;
Then He turned me to the right side, and He showed me each church as they've come up out of the ages. And oh, how vulgar! And the last one was this last day church age, which was led by a witch. And they were so immorally dressed, so filthy looking. And they were marching to the time of twist and rock' n' roll. And those women throwing themselves just in twist, with holding just paper, gray, hypocritical. Gray is between a white and a black, which is a deceiving color. Gray is neither white or black. It's a deceiving color. And gray-looking paper, holding in front of them, with lace-like hula skirts, holding in front of them; and completely nude from their waist up. And was marching or twisting, and carrying on with that music, walking up. And He said, "That is the church!"
And I heard it coming up; the church was coming up from this other side. There come the Asian church. Oh, you talk about filth. Here coming the European church. Oh, my! And then I heard a rock n' roll coming; and it was Miss America, the church. And she didn't even have on any clothes. She had papers, like newspapers, gray, holding in front her, dancing by rock 'n' roll – Miss America the church.
And when it passed by me, my heart like to fainted. I thought, "If that's what is trying to be presented to Christ as a bride – Of all the efforts and things that man has put forth to try to bring forth a bride for Christ – and a vulgar, dirty, filthy-looking prostitute like that to be the bride of Christ." It made me sick at my heart!
And as she passed, coming before where we was standing, she was holding the paper in front of her, twisting, and rocking, and moving herself one side and then the other side as she went, like the modern dances they have of this day, using herself in an immoral act as she was marching on.
I'm not responsible for these things. I can only say what I seen! And God is my judge. But that was the church from U.S.A.
Now, I am an American, but this just made me sick. I am not eloquent enough to, in a mixed audience, to say what was taking place; You'll have to read between the lines. But when the women were coming, the leader of them was a witch. She had a great long nose and a great big mouth. And all of them was dressed with some kind of lower clothes down here, but the top just had a strap, about half inch strap that moved up and went around them like this. And each woman had something on the order… Many of you, years ago remember, when we used to cut that paper, you know, newspaper, to make an old fly-bush?
Why, I think you used it in carnivals, fringed paper, lace paper. Hanging down like that, They had something holding below them, like this, holding below them. All of this part was exposed. And each one had hair cut up real short, and frizzy-looking things all over it like that, real short cut hair, and full of make-up. Absolutely nothing but looked like street prostitutes. And they were walking with this paper. And the vulgarity! …And there she went. And they were singing this here twist-and-roll songs, I said, "Is that the church?" In my heart I was crying. And this witch – To my notion it's nothing else in the world, but she's that World Council of Churches leading them right straight down the road where she was going. They went off to the left and disappeared in chaos, still beating this music and making real funny sounds, and shaking their bodies one side and then the other side, and then like that, carrying on like that, walking.
I stood there in His presence. I thought, "Oh, God, as a minister, if that's the best we could do, oh, oh!" You know how you feel. Then I thought, "God hide me; if I could just get away from here. If all that we've done, and that's what we have to produce…
And I turned my head to weeping like that. I couldn't stand it there, Him standing there, me know that me a minister of the church and that's what I'd produced for Him. I said, "Oh, God, I can't look at it. Let me die. Let fade away."
And as soon as it went out – every time one of them would come, they'd go out to a certain place and drop off. And then I heard something like a Onward Christian Soldiers. And I looked, and here come that sainted bunch of little girls just exactly the way they was, all correctly dressed, their hair hanging way down on their back, smooth, clean, marching like this to the step of the Gospel. 'She was the Word'. And it looked like one out of every nation. I was looking at it as they passed by, and seen them pass by. Instead of going down, they started going up. And I noticed two or three of them getting out of line; I screamed, "Stay in line!" And the vision left me, and I was standing in this room screaming, "Stay in line!"
Wonder, could it be already passed? Could the Bride already be called? Is that what we're going through today. She has to be molded and made into the image of Christ, and Christ is the Word. See, There cannot be one thing added. It's got to be the Word of the Lord, like He is the Word. The Bride is a part of the of the Bridegroom. The woman is part of her husband, 'cause she's taken out of the husband. Eve was a part of Adam – from his side. And so is the Bride, not take from a denomination, but taken from the bosom of the Word of God for this day.


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