Jesus Christ the Hope of All Men

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Can you feel it in the air? The end has a woman who is about to give birth and her contractions are getting stronger and stronger? it feels the same thing especially with all the prophecies taking place right now. I do not blog here as often as before... I don't know how long this blog will run but by the grace of God Pure Faith is 7 years this year and I'll keep it online as long as the Lord wants me to and if it is time to stop writing then I would too.
 Friend, if you have stumbled on this blog, it is no accident, take, accept the grace of God to you- Him offering and revealing Himself to you. Know that He is alive and working in the lives of his children, that there is light in this dark world, that there are people who are living testimonies of Christ walking on the earth right here, right now.
That His promises are real and is a reality in the lives of those who believe in Him...that He, only He has the power to transform you the way no science, medicine, self-help book, or spiritual guru can. At the end of the day, it is only Jesus...and we only have this one life to make that decision to make Him our Lord and Saviour.
There are no chances, no more opportunity beyond the grave. This is it. This is where we make the decision between eternal life or damnation. We have to shake off our spiritual amnesia, all of the world's filth, all of the world's man made theologies and theories, all intellectual perception and misconception and just accept Christ's word as it is. Friend, do not wait until your last breath to make that decision, we don't know the number of our days and if there is one thing I am certain at- one thing I am most sure when that time comes is that at the end of our life- we will know that it is true- it is true all along....

But what good would the truth be if you have wasted your life away? We have to repent of our sins and give our life to Christ. For those who claim to be christians- what good is it to you to know the Bible or the message like the back of your hand and yet not know the author of the Word? when you know in your heart- you have not really met Him? we have to be honest with ourselves and bow down in humility, we have to shed that pride and surrender all to the author and finisher of our faith, the Lord Jesus Christ. Professing that we know Jesus is  easy- but remember that the heart knows what is true.
And if in your heart you feel that you have not had an experience with God yet despite the fact that you have sat in church for as long as you can remember, maybe even as a child- then do consider to get to know person behind the name.This is not the time to play around. It isn't the time to procrastinate. We simply do not have the leisure of time itself. Time is slipping between our fingers.
A lot of people will dismiss this as being 'religious' especially in this day and age where faith and belief is really up in the air and you can believe any which way you want BUT that is a form of deception in the guise of political correctness.
There is TRUTH, there is one truth in all this, like a needle in a haystack, like a negative film there is a positive picture, if there is counterfeit then there is a genuine somewhere, like how there is light to oppose the darkness- it is simply the law of opposites. God exists! He is not a figment of imagination, He isn't a fable, or a myth, a legend. He was on earth, He walked the earth, He was crucified for you and I.

For the saints of God, for all the true believers on the other hand- this is actually a celebration. We will soon have the fulfillment of our body change, amen! I cannot wait. I want to see Jesus, the One who redeemed me from my fallen state, the One who encouraged me and gave strength to my heart throughout my life, the One who guided my actions, the One who provided for all of my needs, the One who comforted me through all my grief, the One who answered all my prayers, the One who healed all my sickness and diseases, the One who is my peace when I lay my head to sleep at night or when I am troubled. To see in person that still, small voice. Hallelujah! I cannot wait. I want to embrace Him for as long as I can and say my thanks in person. Because I wouldn't have made it without Him.

If there are any last words I could ever say to anyone is this-
Choose Jesus. Jesus Christ is the answer to everything. Jesus Christ is THE hope, He is the real source of life, peace and happiness. The whole world is bent on seeking for a utopia that will never come through science or through Man and no matter how they intellectually explain it away- it will never really peak. Never. That innate desire is meant to be for our Maker, that thirst- Man's thirst for going back to that state of perfection is natural because we know, deep down in Man's psyche- we know we were created.We know we have a Maker.
We know that perfection is not just a possibility but is a reality somewhere...and that is what drives Man is that thirst, the satisfaction of coming back to that state of pureness. We just do not realize that that place is in God only.There is a place out yonder- where there is perfection, a paradise, where love, peace, joy and all these good things exist.
Man try to re-create these attributes through their own knowledge but it will never produce the authentic fruit. It is only by eating from the tree of righteousness that we can attain these things. Only through Jesus Christ my friend. Science is a product of the tree of good and evil- it is not 100% good, it always carry a consequence, a potential to go wrong. It can never be perfect. Unfortunately to man, Science and technology is the answer to many things, perhaps temporarily it satiates that hunger for something but it will never really satisfy.

Let us seek Jesus, let us lay down all pride, let us stop and consider His plea, His offer of salvation. Let us lay down our arms, our defensiveness, our status quo, our own intellectual perception, our religion, our reputation, our personal idols, our self-importance, our His feet. At the end of the day friend, all our worldy achievements, wealth, fame and self-righteousness are just ashes, it might hurt to know this but it is worth nothing- that is the truth. It may even hinder us from coming to Christ. When death stares you in the face- could all those save you? it can't. There is only One who can.

Let us lay prostrate at His feet and know, just really, truly know in our heart that we are nothing without Him, that we need Him to change us, transform us and just stay there on bended knees, in humility, believing. Have faith in Him, He only requires faith even as small as a mustard seed, that is all it takes for Him to gain ground in your heart. Give Him that chance, give yourself a chance. I will leave you with a verse that is quite familiar to most of us but if this verse has become a reality in your life, then you would truly know what it means and that He not only paid His own life to redeem us from the enemy but we were promised eternal life with Him. His life is what we are worth in His eyes. He loves you that much.

 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.
John 3:16


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