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I sent out an invite to people and asked them if they could share their real life experiences and testimonies about how God touched their lives. I will run this TESTIMONY SERIES for awhile and I hope it serves as a light to your path, dear reader.
I am grateful to those who responded, for obliging to my humble request especially for taking the time and effort to do this- to all of you let me say "thank you" and may the Lord God continue to strengthen you, bless you and keep you- til we meet at Jesus feet, fellow warriors.

Enjoy the breaking of the bread by my guest bloggers, as they share how God touched their lives. Amen !

by featured guest blogger TIM HICKS

I have been asked to write an inspirational story on what God has done in my life. While trying to come up with a specific example, I got to thinking; yes, God has saved my life on several occasions; what better way to demonstrate God’s love, then to write about one of those experiences. There was the time when these gang members drove by my car and fired 5 or six rounds at me. They missed. There’s that time when my work supplies arrived early and I was able to get done 30 minutes sooner than usual. No big deal, right? Well, later that day, I found out that 20 minutes after I was at a specific store, a pipe bomb exploded.

There was also that time when I almost drowned in the Boise River. I was floating the river in May, not a smart thing to do, and got tangled in a deadfall. As I sank under the water, a sense of calm came over me. I knew that I was not alone. God kept me calm and allowed me to get untangled from the deadfall. These are only a few of the instances where God has shown His love and compassion and saved me for some other unknown purpose. The question remains: how many other instances are there that I don’t know about?

As I mentioned, writing on any one of those experiences would be well worthwhile. However, as much as they stand out, I feel that we need to focus on the day-to-day aspects of God’s love. We all know that God loves us and protects us. If you didn’t, you wouldn’t be reading this. We all recall the times when God has helped us get out of a sticky situation and have praised His name for it. However, do you feel that this is the only time God is with us? Do you think that He just sits back and waits for trouble and than jumps in to save the day? Unfortunately, I think that many of us have this “Superhero” image of God.

I imagine that many of us, myself included, like to put God in a box and label it: “in case of emergency, pray.” In the past years, I have tried to get away from this image and have included God in my everyday life. You see, I like to talk with Him about all sorts of things. I talk to Him about the articles I need to write; fixing the dishwasher; wiring a new outlet, just about anything. Guess what, He listens and talks back to me. Before you write me off as a nut, let me explain. Have you ever had a problem that you just can’t seem to find the solution to, and all of a sudden the solution pops into your head? That’s God speaking to you. Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night with this brilliant new idea? That’s God speaking to you. Have you ever felt that little mental nudge, that’s God.

We need to start treating Him more as a friend and less as a Superhero. He wants to be involved in our daily lives. He wants to help us make the right decisions. He wants to help us be happy and safe. Why don’t we allow Him to do this? Is it because we don’t want to take the time to fall on our knees and pray? Is it because we feel that He is too busy to be able to be there?

Many may think that God doesn’t want to “sweat the small stuff,” but He does. He wants to be there for us, we just need to let Him. Talk to Him as you would your best friend. Ask for His advice on things; He’ll answer you. You don’t need to be formal; you don’t even need to say it aloud. You just need to do it. Let’s all get into the habit of talking to God, not just on Sundays and before meals. Let’s begin to integrate Him into our lives. Let’s turn God from a Superhero and into a friend.

Tim Hicks
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