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My cup runneth over, blog- reader, according to my stats, the average number of subscribers for PURE FAITH is 7 in a day - and that means a lot to me. I want to say
for dropping by and for those who took the time and effort to comment- indeed I am grateful. I feel blessed and all the more inspired to share God's love towards us.

You might've noticed by now, that I do not really post on a daily basis, the reason being- I only write when I feel the leading of God to do so...and then I write something. But I am humbled by your response and it is an indication to me that there are people who do thirst and hunger for God...they just need to be pointed to the right direction- to JESUS.

I pray that your journey to knowing Christ becomes stronger every single day, and in the near future, evolves into a beautiful love story between the Bridegroom and the Bride. A relationship between the Creator and His creation, amen.

God bless you all !

By the way, to anyone interested, here's a link to the PF Springwidget:


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