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I'm sure most of us, at some point in our lives, have felt how it is to be brokenhearted.
Well, friends I have a confession to make- that's what I've been feeling for quite awhile now, I feel broken. I feel like my wings have been clipped ! I know I was meant to soar, I was born to soar & yet I'm stuck on the ground...and I'm utterly miserable.
See, when you're a christian and you get sidetracked for whatever reason and you abandon your post of duty...that's what happens. I know that now & I know it too well, I guess.

Sometimes I even think I've gone mad...why do i feel this way ? why does it feel like I've lost half of me ? It felt like I've lost the love of my life but then again I thought, well, that is true- Jesus Christ is the love of my life.
Isn't it sad when a christian loses sight of Him, when all we can see are the roaring waves around us ? that's exactly where I am right now, not a good place I know but I believe despite me losing sight of Him, I believe His eyes are still on me. I know it.

I'm slowly beginning to realize that it takes situations like these, the down & out moments of our lives, where we see & truly know that God never changes His mind about us. That once God takes ahold of you- it's a done deal, blog-reader...its for keeps. He takes us seriously.

And that lifted my spirits up, it reminded me once again that the God that I serve would never give up on matter how the world tries, no matter how I try to just " forget about it because I'll never be good enough...". It was re-assuring to find that His love is still in my heart, faithful & patiently waiting for me to own it again, the sweet and gentle presence of Christ.

In the end it's His grace, love and mercy that will prevail. And I am glad that's the way it is, because I will never not need Him.
I will always need rescuing,
I will always need His strenght,
I will always need His presence in my life.
I will always need Jesus...He is the love of my life, my all in all and life without Him is unbearable.

Lord, help me, help us in this time where the battle is raging wild round about us, help us fix our eyes on you and you alone. Fight for us who love you despite our weaknesses. We don't want the world to own us, Lord, we only want to be yours. Increase our faith, restore our first love. Help us in this time of fiery trials for you are our only hope.

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