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Let me share with you a dream I've had a couple of years ago...

I was standing on a huge boulder, and as far as the eye can see it was just boulders everywhere, no ground, no land- just boulders...and as I looked up, about a feet above me was a great eagle, it was circling above me- then in my dream I thought to myself "How could an eagle fly so low ? and if I raise my hand I would be able to touch it ?..." Then suddenly, the face of the eagle went close-up and I will never forget the expression on its face- it looked so determined, serious, it was flying swiftly because I can see how the wind moves over its feathers and a sense of urgency washed over me. Then I woke up.

I knew that dream was from God and He sent it to me as an encouragement and as a confirmation of His love for me especially in times when I am discouraged and down. That dream came to mind these past few weeks...because I was starting to loose my vision of Christ, my trials were beginning to overwhelm Gods promises and the laodecian spirit of lukewarmness was starting to take over BUT I truly, deeply thank and praise Jesus for raising a standard against the enemy and yesterday whilst listening to the preaching of a minister, I felt that the message was for me, it was spot on. God opened my ears to hear and opened my eyes to see! Amen!

Now I know what to do, now I know that I have to overcome myself, I have to make myself ready, that there are parts of my life which I haven't completely surrendered to Him. Now I know the key to being an overcomer is to lay your life down in His altar, only then He will be able to transform you. We have to approach Him humbly and in His terms, not ours. Our relationship to Christ is similar to a parent and child, see...indeed He is our father and we are His predestinated children.
And it's difficult to just do that, isn't it? it takes a constant washing by the Word to soften us OR drastic and desperate trials to break us and make us lift our eyes up to Christ, to make us realize that without Him we are nothing...because truth is- it takes desperation to really cry out for Christ.
It takes suffering and sorrow, sometimes God needs to break our wings so we wouldn't fly in another direction and that's how I've been feeling lately, friend. I felt my wings were brocken and now I know why. I thank the Lord for breaking me and now my healing has begun. And when I'm completely healed I will soar once again, amen. This time, He'll bring me much higher and I'll keep to His side. That is the victory God has given me.

If you're in the same boat, fellow warrior, hang in there- His strenght is made perfect in our weakness. God will help you overcome, accept the brockeness because it will chisel out the rough edges. God is molding us, trying us by fire to produce a Christ like character. Don't loose hope because nothing can separate us from Christ, not even ourselves. If we accept Him as our Lord and Saviour and confess our sins to Him, through prayer, God will hear you. He is faithful and kind to forgive us of our sins, no matter how big it is. Only believe, friend, have faith. These lessons that God is teaching me is so worth it and I appreciate them, every single one of them.

That is the reason why I've put the flying eagle as my reminds me that He will never forsake me, He'll never leave me and if I just reach up to Him, He will be there- God IS there within my reach, amen! guiding me, watching over me. I just have to look up to Him.
He is our mother eagle and He is there to carry us on his wings until we learn how to soar. Praise to our faithful God !

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"It takes suffering and sorrow, sometimes God needs to break our wings so we wouldn't fly in another direction and that's how I've been feeling lately, friend."

I love this line in your post! Thats how I've been feeling too!

I'll have to visit your blog more often!

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