"Consider Your Ways"

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The world is getting ready for the final scenes of prophecy to take place and most of it has taken place, dear friend. So, what does this tell us ? time is quickly running out...
We are in the last days and people who are familiar with the Scriptures and the book of Revelation, knows this to be true. This is glad tidings to those who truly and genuinely love and serve the Lord, because their lives are in complete obedience and surrender to the Holy Spirit but to those who have not yet met God, or those who have made up their minds that there is no God, or to those who profess they are followers and believers of Christ and yet not live out His life...this is very unsettling news.

We know the line by heart, it's been said over and over again- the whole world knows it and people get sick of hearing it BUT the TRUTH is blog-reader:

there is a judgement coming, there is a hell , there is such a thing as the 'end of the world'. I'm sorry to burst your bubble but that is the truth and I feel I have to say it, simply because you ought to know. We all need to know, so we could look inside and do some heart searching and check ourselves.
Where do you stand? what is your stand? what do you really believe in? Who do you believe in? Who do you really serve?

Is it the world? is it alcohol, drugs, women?
Is it pornography? Is it fame and fortune?
Is it your church? your Pastor? Is it your congregation?
Your husband, your wife?
Is it your reputation? your friends?


This world, this life that we are living now is all temporal and is meant to die because of the fall at the garden of Eden, but the soul within us- after the flesh has gone back to dust, this soul goes somewhere else, friend. After death, the real you, the inside man- wakes up in another dimension and only you may determine that destination. But I hope you won't mistake this as reincarnation or any Buddhist doctrine- this is all scriptural. Search the Word and look it up.
Now, dig deep inside and think about it- don't just brush it aside because it is a life and death decision. You were brought into existence, here on earth- to make that decision.

I know for a fact that most people take these kinds of things lightly because I used to be one of them, friend but God shook me awake from this terrible nightmare of the world. I used to be a halfhearted christian, I simply did not surrender all to Jesus, I kept some to myself.

There are areas in my life where I did not include the Lord. I did my own thing even if I know they were not godly or pleasing to Him. I did them deliberately. I failed God every single day in one area or another, deliberately, without asking for His forgiveness afterwards. I assumed that all my sins were covered by Calvary.

But I was wrong...I abused my priveleges. Yes, it is true that every sin is covered by Calvary but it has to be confessed otherwise it becomes iniquity especially to the believer. Now, I know better...I've learnt my lesson and I wouldn't have made it really without Jesus. He woke me, restored me and I have decided to give it all to Him. Everything. I need to die to myself to gain Christ in my life....not just a part of Him but all of Him. Wouldn't that be difficult? you might ask- it is not a bed of roses, that's for certain, in fact- a tremendous battle lie ahead because I will have to overcome ME.
But because the Lord refreshed my memory of His promises, of Eternity then my friend, it's going to be worth it. Jesus Christ is worth it.

It's time fellow warrior. It's time to stop, think and consider if we are where we ought to be with our walk with God. It's easy to fall, slip or slumber but we have to be zealous in this age where the enemy is in full force. There is an invisible battle going on and it's raging and roaring about us- BUT there is a call, God has sounded a trumpet, to wake us up and despite the fierceness of the battle we will never fail because God has won it for us even before the foundation of the world was laid, we are assured of that victory ! Amen!

But we need to step up for Christ, we do depend on Him for everything but we have to do our part- because we have a part to play. We are battlefront warriors, our task is to overcome ourselves and to withstand the evil of this day. We are the Bride of Christ, to be pure from all the filth of the world, to be worthy of the Bridegroom. We are the sons and daughters of God, His very reflection here on earth, we are His eyes, ears and mouthpiece.
We are the manifested Word, living Christ through our lives, shining His light so others may follow. Our lives should testify of Him. We are not merely spectators, we are participants. Amen!
We need to let our banners fly and identify with the Lamb of God, and allow the Lord to unshackle us from our selfish selves. Obey His Word, and feed only from the pure Word of God. It's time to serve Jesus Christ because we don't have much time left. Once the 144,000 Jews have gathered in Israel, the Bride of Christ will be raptured and then the tribulation will set in. We have to make ready now, tomorrow is not even an option. You wouldn't want to be left behind. Nobody would.

Arise, Bride...your Bridegroom calleth. Amen!
God bless you all.

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Praise the Lord kaye. We have been teaching on revelation for the last 6 weeks to others gathering in our home. I think it is very timely. So many people are hungry and are looking for some solid answers because they see the world's condition and it looks pretty bleak. Great post! God bless you!

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