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"Behold to obey is better than sacrifice..." 1 Samuel 15:22

I'm pretty sure, most of us- deep down in our hearts, want to be saved. We yearn for salvation and eternal life, we know there is a God and we want to be reunited with this God. What is happening out there in the natural world is a perverted manifestation of that desire. The theme of Hollywood movies is mostly based on super heroes- supernatural men & women who is out there to save us from evil or destruction, fairytales too always have the same plot or storyline, having a villain, a hero, a damsel in distress- the villain always almost winning but lo and behold, the hero suddenly comes to rescue his loved one and defeats the enemy...
Subconsciously, even the movie world is retelling the love story of the Bride of Christ and Jesus, our bridegroom, although in a worldly manner, but the main thought of having a Saviour of men is quite apparent.

The world and its people is groaning, travailing for the manifestation of the true sons and daughters of God. They want to see the light in this age of absolute darkness and perversion. It is not enough to just say " I am a christian ", it will never be enough my friend because by their fruits ye shall know them. There should be a manifestation and that manifestation should dove tail with the Scripture otherwise it's false manifestation. There is a call for consecrated living... an authentic and holy spirit led christian life, stripped of any form of hypocrisy and self serving agenda. And only the pure unadulterated Word, the blood of Christ at calvary, the Holy Ghost and the message for this hour would be able to bring about that manifestation, any other thing would be death and will bring forth death not life. Hard saying but it's the truth.

Organised religion won't do it. It won't. Serving God is a love affair, an individual affair between the Creator and His creation. We have to experience God ourselves and not be content by just hearing it on the pulpit every Sunday from a pastor or any other man- I'm ot saying it's bad, don't get me wrong but my point is as the Bible says " the letter killeth but the Spirit giveth life..." I hope you read between the lines.

If you haven't done this before and deep inside- you believe there is a God, start with a prayer and confess your sins to Him, not to man but to God himself. Breathe it all out and don't dismiss the thought of praying... it isn't silly, ridiculous or a laughing matter either, it's the beginning of your relationship with God. Do you know that He is more interested in you than you are of Him? He is just there waiting for you to open your heart to Him. Pray regularly, as if you're talking to a friend ( He is a friend ), meditate on His word- read the Bible and He would open your eyes to truths you haven't seen before. The Hoy Spirit would minister unto you and that's a privelege, blog reader.

For fellow christians- it's time for us to re dedicate ourselves to Him. To rekindle the embers of our first love to our God. It's time to find our way back to His arms, to recapture the pureness of what being a christian is all about. It's not about filling our heads with knowledge, it's not about entertaing the crowd- I personally think there is too much carnal entertainment going on in churches than the breaking of the Word and this is just sad because it does not bring forth genuine believers but carnality, in the church nonetheless. Worship is an essential part of our christian walk but the breaking of the Word, the hearing of that Word in a Sunday service is of utmost importance and should not really be cut short for the sake of worship. Might sting a little bit but that is truth.

What we are in desperate need of right now is more of God...more of the Word, more chastening from the Lord, more correction and rebuke, more sorrow and suffering, more trial and more tribulation- to purge the flesh and try us by fire... to bring forth a new creature, a new man in Christ Jesus. We need to step up and be brave enough to fight the battle in the frontline and not hide in the shadow of our church, our pastor, our mother or father, or anything else.
We have to go back and retrace our steps back to Jesus Christ and it's not yet too late to do that. But we do have to hurry, time is running out and we don't want to miss our last ride home, amen.
Friend, from my heart, I love you and I have a burden for the lost because they are too blind to see what is waiting for them in hell and so I don't mince words at all...and I myself am not perfect, I often slip and fall but christians fall forward because we learn from our trials, by God's grace, amen ! let's fight harder- we're nearly there.

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Praise the Lord! Truth spoken with passion and love! All glory to God! God bless you Kaye

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