Deep down in my heart I can feel how close it is- the actual rapturing away of the Bride, and the fulfillment of prophecies in our day serves as a confirmation. The world, everything around us is getting more evil by the day, one could hardly recognise truth and one could hardly see holiness in the lives of men.
Values and virtues of common society barely thrive in the arrogance of modern day and now they have rejected the scripture and this has been foretold in the Bible. The lukewarm condition of this generation was prophecied and soon the whole world will detest the very idea of christianity. Nevertheless, evil will not prevail in the never has and never will. It may bluff and roar and scare, even kill and destroy BUT God's anointed ones will never be touched, hallelujah.

The Lord God will redeem what is His, all of it- from His creations to the very precious souls that were part of Him from the beginning. Our God will do away with all the evil in this world- demons, sin and all the corruption which took place, whether in the natural or spiritual realm.
Sometimes, I often wish that the finality of rapture will take place but then again we cannot precede God's plan. He is always on time, He has his own time...
I cannot really cut my race short, it is a shame to do so. If we look down through the ages, all the saints who were persecuted and who suffered- bore their cross with joy to the very end, indeed I feel shamed to even think or pray for God to give me an easy route or short cut. Jesus himself chose to go through the whole process of redeeming us, despite the fact that He has the power to make things easy for Him, yet He was faithful to the prophecy.
I still have to accomplish everything the Lord wants me to accomplish by God's grace and that is the same with each and every one of us.

The lives of God's children follow a blueprint. There are no accidents, even the sufferings we go through were all permitted and it is all for God's glory. And we must realize that we can never claim any victory, because without Christ we are nothing. We cannot even overcome ourselves, we need His spirit to do the overcoming for us. I made that mistake a long time ago, I thought I can do things for Him, but He broke me down to nothingness and then I realized that it takes the supernatural God to break all the unseen fetters that bind me. I am a weakling, I am just a speck in the universe. Oh, but how that little 'speck' is precious to my Lord's eyes, I cannot fully comprehend nor explain but I know to Him, it is worth dying for.

I only know this: that in my life Jesus Christ must increase and I must decrease. To be humble enough to repent, to be humble enough to love others even those who'd done me wrong. To always set my eyes on the Lamb of God, believing and unwavering. To depend on His strength and wisdom - the mind of Christ, the rest of my days, every single day. To allow Him to break me when I needed to get brocken, to allow Him to heal me when it is time for healing. To prophecy again to this dark and dreary world.
I am just a simple believer and all I have is the love of Jesus in my heart, not because I chose to but because He placed it there from the beginning...amen.

It is not yet too late for you, friend. There may be little time left, choose ye your God this day. Who will you serve ?
will you continue in sin or will you turn from the wickedness and repent, turn back to the Almighty God?
The choice is yours to make, blog-reader, just remember that our God is not just a merciful God but He is also a God of judgement. We are accountable for the way we lived our lives.
Harden not your hearts and let Jesus Christ heal you from all unbelief.

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Hello Kaye,

Hope you are doing well. May you have a wonderful 2009 in Jesus!

I read your writings and there is not much i can say but just AMEN!

and all glory to God!

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