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I remember having asked my christian friend Christine Ruegg, one of the few people closest to my heart, if she could share with me some of her testimonies. The Lord has used her countless times and I am always blessed whenever she shares her precious experiences with the Lord to me.
God's work in the lives of His children testifies of His greatness, His awesomeness and it gives us hope, increases our faith amidst this evil age.
Last Sunday she handed me a piece of paper with one of her testimonies and I was overwhelmed with joy that the Lord lead her to do that. So, as much as it was a blessing to me- I'm sure it would be to you too.
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"For this cause ought the women to have power on her head because of the angels". I Corinthians 11: 10

It was early 2007, when I became very tempted to cut my hair, although I knew it was wrong and that I'd been taught that long hair in the Bible means 'uncut' hair. At that time in my life I was struggling with a few worldly things and several sisters I knew had begun to trim their hair and I heard every excuse why it was okay.
So, I eventually decided I would first ask God to clearly show me if I shouldn't cut it at all,
and if He didn't- I would cut my hair the following week. I think it was two days later, I had a dream where a man was chasing me with a knife and had me cornered, tried to stab me but was unable to touch me with it though he was stabbing wildly towards me.
Then a voice said to me "He can't touch you because you have uncut hair". The next night I had another dream, I saw myself holding scissors about to cut my hair and all around angels were crying and pleading for me not to cut it, saying they only have the authority to protect me if my hair is uncut.
I suddenly realized though I can't write it in words, what it would mean in the useen spiritual
world if I cut my hair, then I started screaming at myself- "Don't cut it!, please don't cut it!".

Needless to say I didn't. About 3-4 weeks after this, it was a strangely quiet afternoon at work ( I work in a knife shop ), around 4:00 pm and there was not a person in sight when a drunk , crazed man staggered in swearing and shouting that he's going to stab me, kill me...
He was very worked up and angry, he used extremely foul language. I looked at him and suddenly realized that this was the same man that had unsuccessfully stabbed me in my dream !
I felt such a peace and I just looked staright at him, knowing that he could do absolutely nothing to hurt me! He suddenly went all nervous and ran out. A few seconds later he walked back in and said "Sorry about that, lady", then left. It's just the grace of God to have prevented me from cutting off my God-given protection even when I was already determined to do so. Praise the Lord !

Christine Ruegg

Indeed the God that we serve is a living God and in the event of evil spirits tempting us, our Lord promised that He would raise a standard against this evil and He will every single time.
Amen !

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