A Higher Call

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It's so easy to get lost in the world. It is full of shiny & attractive things, it beckons one to look, to stay even...and if you give in, it's hard to come out of it. Life in the world is 'fun', it's easy, one can do anything you want literally- you want pleasure? you go get it, that is the attitude, no one's going to stop you.
Therein lies the battle. The enemy has got one agenda- that is to make us forget Jesus, to make us forget who we really are and so he set up the world in such a way to achieve this mission. And a small seed of doubt is all it takes. And sometimes, it isn't obvious...you know how when after we fall, slip or backslide, we feel unworthy of Christ? we have the desire to pray and yet we resist it? we think that we are so filthy, so sinful and undeserving we reject God's gift of forgiveness and chance. It might surprise some when I say that it is false humility, albeit unintentionally or out of ignorance. God stirs our hearts unto repentance, He himself placed that desire in you and if we resist His mercy then that won't do us any good.

Life in the world, although it may appear fun & easy, no spiritual battle to fight, is but temporary. It isn't the real life that God had intended for His children. There is a higher call. We need only to be reminded of this fact. We are the sons and daughters of God, made to live a life reflective of Him. I know I also needed reminding because I forget too. I forget who I am every so often, that I feel I am llike a lost child, sobbing whimpering in a corner. Without Christ I am broken, I am incomplete. I am nothing because Jesus is my everything. He is my heart & soul.

But the Lord is gracious and full of mercy, He is faithful to His promises and I believe He would finish what He started in all of us. Nothing will stand in His way, neither doubt nor all the evil in the world put together for He is the creator of everything, both the light and the darkness. We are all clay in His hands.We just need to trust Him completely, unconditionally.
The great eagle is soaring above us, circling those who are His...calling us to come up higher.

Lord Jesus, help us. Open our ears to hear, soften our hearts of stone and break all the shackles that holds us back from coming to You...for You are the only one, the most worthy One. You are the great Creator, the Potter of our lives. Shape us, mould us, and if we resist Lord, break us, shatter us and build us up once again until we become like you. Just intreat us not to leave thee...
Have mercy Lord Jesus and we thank thee for your abundant love. Amen.

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indeed this is true. sometimes we get so overwhelmed with what the world is offering us that we forget the real call that we have. the real and far better call that awaits us. I have also noticed that when people sin, they tend to go away from the Lord even more which is so worng. we forget that it's Him that we should go most importantly. great reminder!

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