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Shalom Bride! here is another testimony from Louise Moloney, a dear sister in Christ. I again, extended an invitation for anyone who feels led by the Spirit to share what God had done for them lately and I am glad Louise obliged to my request. I believe that giving a testimony is one of the ways we encourage one another and to have another person other than me, testify of the goodness of Jesus Christ in this blog is just very encouraging to me. I am sure it would be to you too.
Read on:

Michael Jr. (5) crawled into our bed this morning just as I was off for my morning walk. I noticed he was a bit shakey when he had a drink of water and didn't want his breakfast (a bit unusual I thought). When I got back from my walk, his siblings reported he vomited. I went to see him and I claimed the healing Jesus gave us in His name, because by His stripes "we are healed".
Michael had a small glass of milk (which he'd ask for) and not long later he vomited again. Oh dear- my faith was not at its highest point. The funny thing was, as soon as he had, he perked up and I knew he was healed. Well, I sort of knew. He seemed perfectly fine. A box of birds. He asked me to get him some toast. "Oh-do you think you should?" Doubt. Well, okay. I cautiously gave him half a piece. Oh no. Not enough. The little guy's hungry. "More please". "Just wait half an hour or so". Eventually I gave him a whole piece of toast.
All good. Totally healed. Praise the Lord. Child-like faith is what Jesus is looking for in all of us. We can't heal. Only Jesus can. Thank you Lord.
Another one:
I'd just thrown a hissy-fit, ranted, raved then cried. Then I had a pity party and wandered over to the computer to do some mindless clicking round. But there in my emails was your comment thanking me for teaching you to post You Tube stuff in FB...As I listened to that guy singing about Elijah under the juniper tree, the Lord's Holy Spirit took the place of my ugly one. It was so sweet and gentle just like the Lord is...so, I went out and asked my children individually, to forgive me for having a wrong spirit, and for getting so angry and frustrated and...life goes on, only better than it would've without Jesus in my life. His reality really, really, really is for real.
Hallelujah. He's only a prayer away and mostly, He's even closer than that.

Louise Moloney, New Zealand

This testimony truly blessed me because I realized that in every situation that we encounter in life- God is there. He is there to answer our prayers, He is there to teach us something, He is there to give us His peace.
He uses our children, friends, family, brethren and even strangers- just so He could build up our faith in Him. He knows our unique make-up, and He knows how and when to catch our attention. It is well and good when we are sensitive to His Spirit and we can recognize Him in simple circumstances like sister Louise but sometimes when we don't pay attention, He speaks to us through the storm and the thunder.
But even in the midst of fiery trials we have the assurance that He is there- ever present in our lives. He never forsakes those who are His, even in the eye of the storm He is there with you. Jesus was with Peter when he walked over the sea and he nearly drowned because he was starting to doubt, but He pulled him up. When Shadrach, Meshac and Abednego were thrown into the fiery furnace, Jesus Christ was there too. When His two followers were on the road to Emmaus and they were discussing Calvary between themselves, Jesus walked with them and gave them hope. When Paul started to weep because there was no one worthy to open the sealed book, He came forth and offered Himself. For our sins, He surrendered His precious life. He suffered the wrath of God, and bore our shame, Hallelujah.
He is the Faithful One, worthy of all our praise.


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