"Faithful God"
by Kaye

The Lord knows everything about you,
every worry, every care,
He knows of all your heartaches
every tear that ever fell.
And when you get discouraged
when the world rages on like a storm,
and you start to feel tired, weary, hopeless
and worn...

He wraps His arms about you
keeping you close to His
heart, and though at times
you thought He's left you-
He never will from you depart.

He will wipe away all the tears
that has rolled down on your cheeks,
and lift away the grief and pain;
Give you the rest that you've
forever seeked.

His love will keep and satisfy you,
His mercy will see you through;
and like the eagle, the Lord will restore
thy strength, your hope He will renew.

Just hold on, friend, even tighter
and don't let go of
Jesus' hands;
He will see you through til the end
until you reach the promised land.

So do not be discouraged and lift
your head up high
the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob
will fight the battle by your side;
No harm shall ever befall you
because He always takes care of His own-
You are God's dearly beloved
flesh of His flesh and bone of His bone.

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