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his post is a thanksgiving post because PF is four years old this year :)

and I want to thank Jesus for giving me the desire and inspiration to write about how He moves in my life and to testify about His goodness through blogging.
I often mention that I only write here whenever I feel led to write something. I know when too, because my heart just aches to pour it all that explains why my posts are sometimes weeks apart.
I often reflect on my reasons for why I am doing this because I want to make sure it's not about me...I want to be certain that my intellect is not the one speaking but my God, see. I came to one point where I thought I would stop blogging with PF but after awhile I felt led to write again.
I'm not trying to make myself something either I'm the most ordinary girl you'll ever meet, but I thought that one of the things God gifted me with is writing- so I want to use it for His glory.
I thank Him because I remain truthful and honest with what I write. My heart's one and only desire is for other's to get blessed as well as a heavy burden for lost souls.

So, really from my heart HUGS and a big THANK YOU to those who take the time to read this blog. May you see God in every good thing, amen.

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