New Year

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Wow, another year has gone, that quick huh? I think as one grows older, time just seem to flit by... I feel like I just blinked from one memory to another and the year has ended already (sigh!). Oh, well- ces't la vie, ces't la vie.  I was driving along, thinking about the past year and a tear found it's way down my cheek, heart just suddenly filled with joy and I am greatly humbled at the thought of how the Lord has been good to me. 

He has given me the desires of my heart. Life isn't perfect, no-no...I am a battle scarred warrior still, fresh wounds and all but I am at peace to know that my God is walking alongside me, through thick or thin. What great assurance His presence in my life brings me, His lovingkindness and faithfulness is unceasing; despite this robe of flesh and all it's imperfections. 
Jesus Christ is my life, my world centers around Him, and my heart beats for Him first. I feel no shame to say that despite the world and their finite knowledge, God is real to me and this is my life's testimony. Twenty ten is here and I will continue to brave on...for the source of all strenght is within me. Praise to the One Lord Almighty Jesus Christ! 

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Jesus Christ lives! He comforts us...

New Year, new chances to get things right. All the best.

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