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The Lord has been good to me... He truly has. He gave me the desires of my heart and even more, but best of all would be how His word became a reality in my life. It is amazing to be able to stand in His presence day and night and my soul and everything about me just praising Him all the time. 
I know this sounds strange to a lot of people but once Jesus really comes in to your heart, He becomes your everything- your portion in this life and beyond. And this opportunity is open to every single one of us, not to an elite few, not even to the righteous because he came for the sinners, for someone like me and you.
People may call me as a fanatic, a religious nut or what have you...but I will take it as a compliment because truth is I am. I love Jesus Christ and I appreciate what He did for me. For calvary, for His resurrection, the Holy Ghost, for His love that moved even the heavens so He could accomplish His desire in my life. Amen.

Now brother or sister- Jesus loves you as much and I am sure every devil in this world would try to mask that truth from you...but that does not change anything. God became man for you, He hid Himself in the flesh for you, He felt pain and sorrow, He cried and prayed so hard at Gethsemane with the sin of all mankind on His shoulder til He weeped blood- for you.
His resurrection proved that we too can be resurrected from this worldy grave, but we have to choose. We have to die to ourselves first...and that is the great battle.

I really believe that we are in the end of time, and despite all the cynics and atheistic beliefs and mockers- soon, really, really soon all prophecies in the book of revelation would be fulfilled. I would wonder how the cynics would handle that, I pray that they would repent and turn to Jesus because when that time comes and they find themselves in a desperate condition and beyond any salvation, what now?
If they so doubt the existence of God, have they ever thought about being wrong and the consequences if they are wrong? have they asked themselves the question- "what if I am wrong?".
Today, you have a chance. Today you can make a choice.


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"There shall be eternal summer in the grateful heart"
Celia Thaxter (American Poet, 1836-1894)

I picked up on your blog about being grateful, and thought you might appreciate this quote.

I am a new author of a book titled: When I Am Grateful
It's a gift book that outlines the 'stuff' that can happen to us everyday and then reminds
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Have a Grateful Day!

Thanks Kaye! we have the same name- neat. I will view your site and thanks for your comment.

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