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Isn't it so easy to forget about the Lord, in this day and age where the world is designed to draw us away from God? some might think this as an incredulous claim but that is true. Hollywood, the internet, games, movies, books, amongst other things all contain messages and themes that are either immoral, violent or anti-Word. The daily cares & grind of work and leisure also tends to pull us away from being still and ready to receive from the Lord. I get pulled in to this direction too a lot of times, like everybody else but I get reminded by a gentle tugging in my heart. There is a need to walk in the middle of the road and to use these things- our skills, talent and career for God's glory.
The world is getting worse by the day dear friend, and the enemy is desensitizing and conditioning us by making us think that being immoral is ok, that virtual violence or any violence for that matter is ok, that homosexuality is ok, that being liberal is ok. In fact, it is not, these are the things that the prophets of old and present are fighting against. Would you say to your children that these things are ok? I'm sure you wouldn't see? because deep inside you know what is true. We are not against the person who do these things, but we are against the spirits- a great spiritual battle is  going on right now. Whether we like it or not- we all are in it. 

Science tries to medicalize and label things and in fact anything Godly is considered as imagination- irrational, illogical and even as madness because they cannot prove it. However, that does not mean it is not true- God and faith is beyond the grasp of science because it works by faith only. There is such a thing as a spiritual realm and perhaps for some it will be too late for them to realize until they are actually in hell. We are oft times too clever for ourselves that we easily dismiss anything that relates to a God or spiritual and we suffer for it.

I know that there are plenty of people out there who sincerely want God in their lives, people who wants to change, who wanted very badly to get unshackled from the devil's chains, who wants a touch from the Lord- and let me tell you now- you will get it. If you so have that desire burning in your heart, you will get it. Do you know why?
because that is God himself drawing you to Him, that stirring within to want to get closer with Jesus is His doing, it is His mercy and grace- it's not even you. Stay still, pray and stay in the Word. Read the Bible, even if you don't understand everything, allow Him to speak to your heart...repent from the heart.  Be aware that there is a God, that you have a Maker.
You don't have to put up with sin, dear brother or sister, you don't have to remain shackled. We always substitute hobbies and pleasure to fill that aching need, we substitute alcohol, sex, we substitute science, music and man-made, finite philosophies, but at the end of the day- you are still left with that gaping void and you still wonder why that never goes away. You wonder why that sadness still manages to creep back in into your heart ever so quickly?

Thing is, and I am confident enough to say this because I have been in the same exact spot where you are now- THERE IS A WAY OUT- it is Jesus Christ only. I will repeat that- it's JESUS CHRIST ONLY. If you deny and doubt, I will tell you now- you'll just go around in circles until you find your soul in hell. Stings and a bit blunt of me but that is the truth. You have to know the truth and accept it before it'll take you anywhere else. Choosing between the world and Christ is a life changing decision and there is no in-between. We cannot sit in the middle and have a bit of both...we have to decide, my friend. I know it hurts to let go of everything 'I' and it is a process, for some people it can happen overnight- but for most of us, it takes awhile. Just stay in the Word, read your Bible, pray, don't allow the world and it's pleasures overwhelm that desire of knowing Jesus. Take some quiet time, even just 30 minutes in a day, to sit and meditate on God's word.

I am not saying that everything in this life is bad also, lest I be misunderstood and misinterpreted as an extremist- relaxation and pleasure is needed, as long as it is clean fun. Sure. I do too, see- and if we do have talents or skills let us use it for God's glory, amen. For those of us who are already in Jesus- let us reach down to those who are troubled, to those who are weak in the faith, to those who are just starting their walk, to those who have not even met God yet. Let us not give place to judging others, to criticsm, but let us bear and forbear one another- just what the Lord tells us to do. To overlook faults and offences made to us, to pray for those who are against us, because it is all spirit, see? it's not even them. 

Let us do everything in Jesus' name, for all the power rests in His name. When we utter Jesus' name in prayer and in our conversations- it roars and breaks through every dimension.   Every spirit recognize that name and will submit to it, that is what the Bible says:
That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth; And that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father. Philippians 2:10-11
Amen. All glory to God in the highest.


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