The Great I Am

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    Midweek services really are good for the soul, it's really good to get together at the Father's table and just eat the Word that is being broken. I also enjoy touching base with everybody at church, somehow we all feel closer and very much like family- and because we truly are anyway.
A sister at church was sharing her testimonies to me about how the Lord was looking after her and how her needs are being met even without asking for it and she said 'I feel spoilt!' to which I replied- 'He has that effect', and we both laughed. It is such a blessing to know how God is towards His Bride, amen. He just makes us all feel special and loved and cared for, it is amazing. Our great God is amazing.
He not only looks out for the gaping void or the emergency situations but He also looks after the smallest detail in our lives with the intent of blessing us or teaching us- all profitable things for us. He is ever present and within reach always.
I still cannot fathom how that great Creator in heaven, the great 'I am' decided to live in the human heart- I guess the wonderment of it all will never really cease to amaze all of us. With all the splendor and outstanding beauty of his dimension where He is living, He came down and hid Himself in the flesh. He changes His mask, what the theologians refer to as 'en morphe' and in our day and age- He decided to manifest Himself through His Bride, not just as a reflection but a portion of Him is in through us, speaking through us, and will eventually enable us to disrobe this flesh and just slip into our glorified bodies- in His time.
It's glorious isn't it? from the fall to the plan of redemption, resurrection, the gift of the Holy Ghost, the church ages and the prophets, all the way to the seventh seal, the Bride age, the written is all planned and everything is under God's control and timing. It is perfect. So really we need to trust Him because He holds everything.

The message tonight was really beneficial for me as I find myself in a lull these days and I was praying for a refreshing. School work is sucking me in really bad since I am in my last year of study but I am not at all comfortable with that...I need my prayer time, my worship time with my God. The message talked about not giving in to enticing spirits, demons whose only aim is to distract us from knowing who we are in Christ, from serving God, from obeying His word. It was about the fact that we are being led by something- whether it be of the Lord or not and it is our choice...that we should not give place to the devil because once we do- it gives them permission to take over. Hmmm, terrible eh? however it is scriptural and it is truth. I so agree.
It reminds me to not slip off into complacency, that there is a spiritual battle going on and we have to be on alert and ready. I am glad that the Lord reminded me about these things...
He also talked about how it is important to align ourselves to God's word in order for Him to work in us, that the key lies in obedience because His blessing will follow. That was such an encouragement. 
The scripture in Matthew 6:33- 'But seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you...' is just so true and has become reality to me and many, many others. God's promises were never a myth, nor fairytales- they are truth and He keeps them. Amen.
All glory to God in the highest.


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