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Hello once again dear friends :)  I do hope all is well with you and if not I trust that you know whom to go. I didn't realize but this month is a sort of birthday month for this blog- 5 years of writing for the Lord and as the Lord leads...I really don't write anything here for the sake of blogging, I have another blog for that, but this one is for His glory, to shine the path for others. So far, with the response that I am getting for PF - the Lord is still using this space so all glory to God.
The past couple of weeks were busy for me, both good & bad kind of busy...last week we went out of town and it was a fun filled weekend and this week everybody had the sniffles and my son got sick. I am the last man standing so to speak (chuckle...) cause I haven't caught it yet, apparently there's a bug going around. So, I really haven't slept much nor rested much physically, however, the Lord is keeping me strong and all is well spiritually. By His stripes we are healed, amen, so we just have to look at that promise and own it, not just believe it by word but claim it in deed.

I am just happy, in my heart I really am...that the great God almighty always provide a way for us to continue on and live a day to day walk with Him. We make mistakes, lots of them but God just draws us back to the middle of the road- shows us where we fell and gives us the chance, the strength and the power to overcome all these faults and weaknesses. He truly has provided an exit door for every circumstance, no wonder the scripture says that His load is light. 
Imagine if we do not have a God. Imagine if there is no hope to look up to, if there was no blood stained path, no Calvary. Imagine if when we all die, we just fade into oblivion somewhere. Just imagine if the future only depend on the finite, fallible knowledge of man...which I am sure will always end up in self-destruction. We would be lost.

But I am grateful that God exists and is making Himself known to mankind, I am glad that when John wept in the book of Revelations because he thought no one would open the book- Christ came and took the book. Maybe for some this truth has not sunk in for some reason or another, perhaps they think themselves too intellectual to agree but soon we will all find out, sometime in our lives we will be confronted by this truth that there is a God, that Jesus is our hope.

I am happy that for every single day that I wake up, my heart just swells with joy and every time I lay my head to rest at night I am filled with peace, despite the circumstances of living. That the joy and happiness that wells up from inside me is genuine and never ceases...I just want to praise Him even more, see. Hallelujah. That inspite of difficulties, sickness, persecutions and offence- there is someone grounding me. Someone holding on to me, someone greater than me, greater than unbelief, greater than my weaknesses but most of all greater than my own strength. I have a God who has a firm hold in my life, onto my soul, amen. That is Jesus Christ only, the greatest power of all. It just makes me want to rejoice and shout for joy :)

I do ask myself- why? you know (chuckle...). I am just a dot in the world, but to our heavenly Father, we are precious, to Him we are the most precious and beloved. Regardless of our own opinion of ourselves- that is the truth, that God loves you whether you are a christian or not because God never was a respecter of persons. He came for the sinner in fact. He knows everything about you, your cares and your worries, your quirks and habits- the Bible says even the hair in our heads are numbered (Matthew 10:30), see. So, don't feel like you're punching on air when you utter a prayer or read your Bible or you exert effort in getting a closer walk with Christ- because He knows and He sees. In fact, that desire came from Him anyway.

I just so thank Jesus that now my eyes are opened to His ways and to His great love for us...that alone is priceless. That same path is open for every single one of us and not just a few- so take that chance, a life changing opportunity. Let Jesus Christ fill that void in your life and allow Him to take away that burden from you... He is just there waiting.


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