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The Lord has put me through some experiences in life and opened my eyes- that I can now see how the spirit realm is just as accessible and is often used by the enemy to get to christians. We all are made up of the body, spirit and the soul, see. 
Lust, depression, jealousy, hatred, bitterness, anger, self-pity, pride etcetera...all operate in our spirit realm. These are the range of feelings that we all are capable of and these things influence our behaviour and attitudes.
Not so long ago I thought emotions are simply that, just emotions, feelings, but recently the Lord made me realize that if we do not have Christ within- emotions can be very subtle tools for the devil. 
That is the difference, see? if we have the Holy Ghost- the flesh and the spirit will submit to the inner man, Christ Himself. Then we have the power to hold every thought and imagination captive because that is our inheritance- in Christ we have overcomed. However, the Lord also instructed us to watch and pray, because the enemy does not operate in a forthright manner but they are subtle- they come in many forms such as unwanted thoughts, seeds of bitterness which can grow into full-blown hatred, feelings of self-achievement or sufficiency which can easily turn to pride especially if everyone starts to admire and notice (the one thing that caused lucifer's downfall),  jealousy, filthy thoughts and the list goes on and on.

Demons are real just as real as God is, friends and they are spirits and can access the spirit of man if they are permitted to- if they have your permission. It is simply done-if you entertain the negative thoughts and emotions, if you dwell on them and nurture them, they will grow and multiply. It takes God to burn them out of you, it takes the Holy Ghost's fire.
I know, again, to many this will sound propesterous but nevertheless it is truth and truth it will remain. I'm not saying all emotions are bad also- if Christ is inside of us- we feel joy, happiness and we  cry because we feel grateful, we shed happy tears, we feel for the lost, we have a burden for them.
Christians go through these things too and we do give in sometimes because we are still in the flesh BUT we have the mind of Christ, the Holy Ghost is in us, we have a portion of God in us. And because we are part of Him- we will overcome the flesh and the spirit. They will submit to Christ within. There is no choice, everything will submit to Jesus Christ, amen!

We have to realize and may the Lord open our eyes and ears- that we are going through a spiritual battle. It is between the spirit of God and the enemy. It has always been about that...the battle between right and wrong. Even the world knows it, all the stories, fairytales and even hero movies revolve around this theme. 

From material to immaterial, from the outside man to the inner man- all of us manifests what is within, it's impossible not to. It will come out in our words, thoughts and deeds most especially. We manifest what kind of spirit we have. The question is- who is leading you? 
However, if we are unsure of what spirit is inside of us, there is HOPE. Jesus Christ has been offering it to us from the beginning. Every single day comes with a chance, an opportunity to come to God and repent and turn away from our wicked ways. Every day we are being given a chance to get rid of all the demons burdening us, you can be FREE my friend. 
Come to Jesus Christ, if there is one thing we need to nurture- it isn't our carnal, worldly emotions that only causes grief and heartaches but let us nurture that faith, the stirring in our hearts for God, that desire to seek Christ in a world full of despair and gloom and hopelessness. The mercy seat is still open, friend, Jesus Christ is waiting with open arms...but you have to make a choice.


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