False Prophets

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I think we would all be in agreement when I say that we are living in the end times...the signs are becoming reality all around us. The prophesies in the Bible from a thousand years back are now taking place right in front of our eyes- natural disasters, wars and rumours of wars, famine, diseases, woman worship, immorality all abound and has become a natural phenomenon so much so, that we only shrug our shoulders when we read about them in papers or in the net.
Women have never been so stripped of dignity and integrity in all the generations before- we have our young women near-naked walking down our streets everyday- current fashion suggested that an oversize top and black stockings are okay and so at first glance really- I asked myself 'why aren't they wearing any skirt? or something?' and of course if you tell them off they would snicker and say that we are old school when the truth is- there are demonic spirits behind all these, including fashion. 'Death' signs are so pronounced in clothing items- such as skulls, crossbones, flames...sometimes you have to wonder where all this things are coming from and if we pay attention - all these comes from the bowels of Hell itself. They are not from God.

The whole world is physically heaving with earthquakes and other natural calamities- just heaving and groaning for her cleansing. That is what the Bible says- it is just so heavy with filth physically and spiritually and the whole creation is waiting for the manifestation of the sons and daughters of God so the scripture would be fulfilled and the world can be cleansed with fire. Yes, that is correct and I know truth is uncomfortable but Revelation's prophecy says that the physical world will be consumed by fire to cleanse it- it will stand the fire it won't get annihilated completely but the earth's atmosphere and the material world atop it will completely burn. That statement alone represents the spiritual- how we have to be cleansed by the Holy Spirit from the inside out and every filth burned out of us by God so He could come in and sup with us, see.

One of the signs spoken of in the bible was about false prophets and how there would be an abundance of people professing Christ and yet denying the power thereof (2 Tim.3:5) in the end times. These people too may be sincere and think they are just standing up for the truth (that they know) however their belief does not really line up with the Scripture, they are merely representing themselves and what THEY think in THEIR opinion is right. They tailor fit the Word to their needs, in other words 'custom-made' to their taste instead of the other way around- and obey the Word in it's purest form with a spirit of yielding obedience, meekness and surrender, once again only through the spirit of Christ can we really obey the Word see. Only then could our spiritual eyes be really open. Only then and God's spirit in us would not take compromise. Ever.

We hear about people who claim they know Jesus and yet deny healing, some believe in healing and deny the five-fold ministry, some now allow homosexual marriages in their church, some allow women preachers when the Bible categorically states that a woman should not preach (I Cor. 14:34)...That hurts but look it up- search the scripture and see for yourself. There are many more doctrines that at first glance- looks pretty sound but still has an element of lie or perversion of God's Word. This generation has become so desensitized to false teachings that some do not care or bother anymore but that is my challenge to you- to seek Christ and know Him personally. False prophets are indeed real and there is a demonic spirit anointing them for the very purpose of confusing people and diverting them to the wrong path instead of to God, leading them farther away from God actually and deeper into sin and wickedness.

BUT our God is a good God and He is wise- this is the good part. He knows that the enemy will thwart and pervert His word and false teachings and prophets will arise in the end days but God has his own prophets. Now, I know this is hard for some to understand and skeptics will now start raising their eyebrows...but before you think otherwise- you do believe there are false prophets and if there are false then there are definitely GENUINE, Holy Ghost filled prophets for our day.
To put it more crudely and not disrespecting the Word but- it's something like a game of chess, see...the devil is merely copying what God is doing BUT of course anything that does not come from God or initiated by God  is perverted. So, if we use logic then that is the logic. Although logic is not what we need to understand this- we need God's spirit and revelation for our enlightenment, so do pray while you read this.
Just a verse to support this assertation:
"Behold I will send to you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord" Malachi 4:5
I am not a preacher and I am sharing deep things now so I would rather give you a link to browse which would better explain all this and I hope you would give God a chance to reveal who He really is and what He has in store for those who truly want to know Him. I feel that there are people out there who wants more of Christ and so if you feel the Holy Spirit is leading you to a higher ground then this is for you-

If you want to listen to messages then I suggest you browse the links I have put in my sidebar under the 'Christian Sites' and may you be filled and blessed. The Word is like a compass, the Word is like our fuel and the Holy Ghost is what will teach us and tutor us to grow Word upon Word in Christ. May the Spirit of Christ come in to your heart and break bread with you- for the deep will call unto the deep. Amen. All glory to Jesus Christ.


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