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Posted on Wednesday, September 22, 2010 | By Kaye | In , ,

"I Pray"

Lord, let me hear from you today
soften my heart to yield I pray,
Let not the world and all it's charm
drown out thy voice and lead me to harm.

For in my heart I surely know-
 to only You my soul belongs...
not to men, or earthly fame,
not for worldly treasures or earthly gains.

Lord, remind me of my true home
not made of any rock, wood or stone,
but lying beyond where the eyes could not see-
in heavenly places with you I will be.

I know one day I will walk through
the great beyond, beyond the blue-
where I could finally behold thy face...
and thank you for your mercy and your grace.

Thy grace which hath transformed my life,
covered me with your blood to become
a worthy sacrifice...
My Lord, no words could ever express
and my heart doth overflow with gratefulness.

Lord Jesus Christ, My Lord and King
worthy of all the praise my mouth could sing
just let me sit at thy feet I pray
and hear from You from day to day.
Until the last setting of the sun shall come
and the last trump hath sounded on...
I will at last rise and walk to Zion 
way beyond the blue horizon.

by kaye


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wow....! Very beautiful poem. I like it so much. Please keep writing poems. Thanks.

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