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I have heard somewhere that when life begins no one really notices- like for example, the growth of a new blade of grass, a sapling breaking through and out of the ground, or the very first heartbeat of a life in a mothers womb. Life breaking forth and existing. Things that no one knows about except for the source of it all, the Creator Himself. It is quite an intimate and amazing thing, dont you think?
There are no fireworks, there are no bells clanging, nor people celebrating...when life first begins, everything on earth is silent. But the God that we serve, who knoweth all things and sees all things- He knows, because He ordained that life to come forth.

Its the same thing with our walk with Him. When our hearts for the first time bowed down before Him, when our will, for the very first time is wholly surrendered to Him, when our soul cries out for salvation and mercy, nobody knows about it...nobody but Jesus. He knows the desires of our hearts, He knows the truth about us despite the facade that we put on for everybody, He knows us...every single thing about us. And when we feel that He is drawing us towards Him- that is the greatest thing that will probably happen in your entire life, believe me or not- the greatest opportunity that will come by your way is when God calls you, because that is the right time to respond.

Most people take it lightly though, probably because they think He will always be there waiting...that He is a loving God and full of patience and longsuffering- and yes, all that is true, except that He wont always be there to call, He wont always be there to move your waters, He wont be there all the time. Because with God- there is an appointed time for everything, there is a right and ripe time- AND when you miss your last call, thats it, friend.

The mercy seat wont always be open, there is a time of judgement coming, and every single one who lived here on earth will be held accountable for every deed, word and decision that we have made. That is truth for you, plain and clear. The bible says so. Find out for yourself if you doubt what you've just read. Because there is one thing the Lord wouldnt do for us- He wouldnt decide for us. He would not force His will and plan in our lives upon us.

We get to choose, we get to decide- to lay down our own will, our ambitions, hopes and plans and take up our cross of reproach, trial, persecution and humiliation to follow Him...or live a care-free, selfish life which leads to eternal separation from Him and death to our souls in the end. Sadly for most people, they do not choose Jesus Christ, or they take their own sweet time, mulling in the mud of the world. But try as they might to avoid His call, it will still come back to them, even in their deathbeds- choose ye this day who you will serve?

But for those who can still hear Him calling and has decided to follow His word and voice for this hour- Arent we priveleged? that out of the billions of people who lived on this earth, He paid attention to you? And that despite our weaknesses and failures He would not give up on us? We are just so blessed that He is patient and longsuffering towards us, and that He gives us second chances- because in our flesh we always lean to our carnal nature, the nature that resists anything godly or pure. But He has overcomed all things for us and redeemed us, purchased us with His blood, sealed us with the Holy Ghost.

That when He touched us, and His life started within us- He is bound by His Word to finish what He began in us? because He loves us, He genuinely loves us. He promised it and we claim that promise, why? because we are foreordained to do so. He knew us and called us before the foundation of the world. He preserved a people unto Himself. So for those who truly, genuinely love and follow the Lord Jesus Christ- let us then assume our places in His body for the rapture to come. Because persnally that is my only ambition, to be with Jesus.

" And if it seem evil unto you to serve the Lord, choose ye this day whom ye will serve...as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. " JOSHUA 24:15

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