" On Blogging and Freudian Slips "

Posted on Sunday, October 15, 2006 | By Kaye | In

Certain people seem to have a knack for tongue slips, or Freudian slips (in honor of Freud the philosopher, of course, who became famous for his sexuality theories- meaning he pulled out all the taboo subjects and brought them out in the open for his peers and for all of the generations to come to ponder on, well anyway thats another story...), they just are effortlessly, naturally without any sense of tact, so to speak. They often speak their thoughts out loud and most of them dont even realize the weight of words they spew out...tsk, tsk. And its funny because when they themselves get a dose of their own medicine from another person, they react so strongly about it. I guess we all have had encounters with Freudian slip people and the experience we have with them are unpleasant of course, because they tend to go ridiculing on and on about you or something/someone else and its simply annoying.
Anyways, I used to react sensitively to taunts and freudian slips of all manners, but now I find it humurous...(and for people who still havent got a clue of what I am talking about- well, just, uhhh...move on to the next blog ?), up to a certain point of course. But, I consider myself a survivor. I've grown to tolerate 98% of taunting, criticsm and sarcasm- which is often thrown my way, with wisdom and maturity by the grace of God.
I have a question, blog reader, do you think blogging makes Freudian slips legit?
Well for me- I think so...I happen to click on the " forward to another blog " button and lo and behold the next blog contained very profane words and he was talking about another mans wife,ewww. I couldnt miss it cause the words were in bold print. Oh, dear.
I think its because the nature of blogging is just so liberal. You can and may write about everything you want. There are agreements by your host that you tick on which we all are familiar with, but its just SOP. Truth is, your blog reflects the kind of person that you are and after starting off with a few decent postings, well, the natural you comes out. I guess a blog is another form of a comfort zone. Ok, ok- I hate to cut this short but I have to end this posting, because I am in the middle of something- I actually am doing my research whilst writing this post, thats why the flow of my thoughts isnt as seamless as they use to, sorry!
Well, thanks anyway, imaginary blog-reader for taking the time to bear with all my musings about life and more...til next issue?

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