" Just Another Day...Really? "

Posted on Sunday, October 15, 2006 | By Kaye | In

Another day, another week really has passed, days just seem to overlap each other dont they? This is a ' nothing much' posting I'm writing blog- reader, so bear with me...thanks. Just want to breathe out my weeks' care a little.
Today has been one of the most interesting days I've ever had, and I'll tell you why, alright? -----
Well, firstly I do have a reason to celebrate- because this morning I got a letter from the University I applied to about the course I wanted to pursue after this course that I am currently doing-- and--- my pre-entry test for the Bachelor of Nursing course came out fine, I got offered a placement, after doing an hour and a half test of critical thinking and what- have- you, out of 250 applicants and with only 30 placements left in the Bay of Plenty area...so I give myself a pat on the back for that, which I hope is not too arrogant of me to do. Feels good, yhesss. Having said that though , am going through a dilemma- wether to plunge in or not, because of my concerns with my kids, because if I do push through with my schooling, no one will look after them ( sigh ) which I cannot afford to happen. So, really, I'm in a bit of a bind. Bugger.
Second, this week I'm really flat out...gee, I went to school,did a huge assesment and got heaps of assignments thrown my way, I've worked in 3 different wards- which kept me on my toes,( and out of breathe, I should say )...did safety watches on a brain injured man and on a dementia patient as well- which was mentally and emotionally challenging, in fact I feel drained. I just got home from my shift at the hospital and, my feet's really sore. And, I have a presentation on our Anatomy and Physiology subject come Monday....hu,hu,hu...help! Yes, all that plus cooking, cleaning the house, spending time with kids and hubby and family.
Talk about multi-tasking. Tsk, tsk.
And have I not mentioned we had visitors who stayed over for 2 nights? Tonight, I've just gone home from my duty and here I am- blogging at 1 in the morning. Yup, I have gone mad. But I feel the need to breathe it all out...and write it all down. Dont ask me how but I managed to squeeze in 2 hours this noon to spend lunch, out with my 2 lovely sisters at our favourite Italian restaurant, sipped beautiful moccachinos' and ate truffles for dessert.
All these in one day. I reckon I'm entitled to the guiness' world book of records, dont you think? Now could somebody please give me my trophy?

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