In His Arms

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I know the Lord looks after me and my family. He is always there, always...especially in difficult times. I know that I have let my feelings eat me up these past few days which is not hard to do in the midst of trying situations but God's hand is swift and He gently lifted me out of the impending cloud that was hovering above. Praise the Lord! He truly is good. I know that Jesus has answered my prayer, all I need to do is to rest in His loving arms. Faith and trust indeed...

God made me understand that there comes a time when we, as parents, have to let go in order for our children to grow and learn, because they are starting on their own journey. I have to hold back all the protective instincts that is inside of me and let go because it's His turn to look after them. It isn't easy, I tell you, even now as I write this tears are collecting in my eyes...Now I could say- 'So this is how it is to be a parent'. It is bittersweet. I would want to protect them forever from pain and hurt if I could but it won't do them any good. I know they have to grow on their own and they need that space. I just want them to know that we love them and that we will always be here for them for they are our own flesh and blood.

The assurance that I do have is that I know the Lord will keep them close to Him. He will allow them to go through tough times and sad times- there will be broken hearts- ours and theirs, but the Lord will be  there to see them through every battle and every storm that they will have to face- they won't be alone. They will take the path that God has ordained for them to walk in, until they reach the stage when they finally see and realize that they need no other except Jesus Christ and He becomes their all. That is the journey. I know for myself it has been the same...but now I can say that these difficulties made me cling to God even more, and so be it with all my children. One thing is for sure, I will always be here with a kneeling heart before the Lord and a mother's prayer will be sent up in the heavens for them every single day of my life. I love my children so very much.


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