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Hi blog-reader :) I got an interesting comment from someone and that made me grin because I rarely get open criticisms...although I did not really mind that at all because we are after all, entitled to have our say. I, myself am a firm believer in free speech (as long as it is done in good taste and tact). Anyway, I have actually posted a reply as a post but I didn't feel good about it so I just deleted it again. With a blog like this- I expect varying degrees of reaction from people and it tends to get misinterpreted every now and then. Actually based on that comment, I was misinterpreted and if ever I reply- it would be a long post. However, I think it would not be of value and I do not think I owe anyone an explanation, unless they ask me to clarify.
Anyway, my day today is not so good friend. My eyes are puffy from crying all day...and tomorrow is a Sunday and I need all the strength I need. I need prayers because another challenge has come my way and I know that my overcoming power comes from the Lord only for I have none of my own. 
A lot of people commend me for being this and that but they don't know that every good thing in me comes from God, if you take them away I have nothing, all I am left with is the flesh and it's nature. So, praise be to God who kept His seed in me- He molded my character and I can be a partaker of eternal life. This is what hopefully shines out, but I still really wish I can get all of me out of the way because He deserves all the honour. And along those lines I want to share this song which I dedicate to all the warriors of Christ.


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