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My Lord never ceases to amaze me...He is just so wonderful all the time and I know all the words in the world and in whatever language would not really be enough to describe Him. In my entire life, I have not known such perfect peace and rest. Never in the world, that is for sure, not even in any man or loved one, see, because we are fallible we do disappoint each other still. I think as long as we are in the flesh..but God is not like us indeed. 
Even when we think that every single thing is crumbling around us, God remains God. He will lead us out of the toughest situations in life- but there is a condition though, that we have to just trust Him. 
I think I understand that, because how can He fill the need inside if we are full of junk and filth? we need to empty ourselves out before Him before Jesus could actually come in. We need to go through the stages of justification, sanctification and then He would come in the form of the Holy Ghost, amen. How beautiful. I read the Bible and it speaks to me as a love letter :) the whole story from Genesis to Revelation only talks about God's love for mankind. His search for a Bride. It's simple really, it is a love story.

This life is getting to be a routine, only because God has opened my eyes to the truth that we are just passing through. Like the pilgrim's progress, see...just passing through. Everything else is irrelevant, even death is of no consequence to those who love God because we know that the flesh will never be our permanent dwelling place. We know when we open our eyes again after death, if we are to die before the changing of our bodies, we know that we are slipping in to a glorified body- in God's dimension. Amen. Giving back all the glory to Jesus Christ, my God. Let our lives be always hid under the blood of the lamb.


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Thanks Kaye. It's a real joy to read your blog. You have a wonderful way of putting the gospel into words.



You're posts are inspiring!

How do you feel about the jesus prayer?

They are making a movie about it -

Check it out.

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