Strengthening the Inner Man 3

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God bless you dear friend for taking the time to browse Pure Faith, I was already starting to type up another post but I didn't finish it...I feel led somehow to post another set of messages. I think there are readers out there who are really hungering for more of God and responding to His call and I feel that they want to fly higher in their own faith journey. And because I am not a minister to break Bible doctrines to anyone except for the fact that I can only share my life experiences and walk with the Lord- I thought of posting links so you could access essential truths from the scripture. I listen to them myself before I post any link and the sources I choose are congruent with my own faith, convictions and beliefs. The actual links are on my sidebar, if any of you want to explore these sites, feel free to do so.
The titles link to the message players and I pray that you may receive the Word, the Lord Himself with an open heart. I believe that the soul needs to be nourished with the pure Word of God just as the flesh needs food as sustenance- the Lord's table is full of good things, so why go hungry?
The Lord is inviting us to His feast: "Jesus saith unto them, Come and dine..." John 21:12 
These messages were delivered by Bro.Paul Moffit from Taranaki, NZ.
"He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches." Rev. 3:22

For those who wants to have a better understanding of 
the book of Revelations the link below leads to 
B.C.Fellowship website and you would see the
 'Home Bible Study' video may want to start
with the #1 vid and perhaps click on the expand
icon for better viewing...


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